Taconic Parkway

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Mom Who Lost 3 Daughters in Car Crash Is Pregnant

Jackie Hance recounts grief over Taconic Parkway accident

(Newser) - "Our baby is due in the fall" is how Jackie Hance ends her Ladies' Home Journal essay. The otherwise unremarkable line is anything but, considering that the Long Island woman is the mother of three young girls killed in a horrific accident on New Jersey's Taconic Parkway in... More »

Don't Judge Car Crash Mom; Judge Alcoholism

(Newser) - It’s easy to condemn Diane Schuler—the mom who drove drunk and stoned the wrong way on a highway and killed herself, four children, and three others—writes Susan Cheever on Salon. But “for those of us who have ever driven a car after having a few beers,... More »

2 Stories