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7 Stars With Absolutely Nutso Backgrounds

Woody Harrelson's dad was a hit man

(Newser) - If you thought being an international superstar was about as crazy as your life could get, think again. Cracked and The Stir round up 15 celebrities with even crazier (and some of them very painful) backgrounds:
  • Woody Harrelson's dad, who walked out on the family in 1968, was a
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Olivia Newton-John Commissions Exorcism

For home where man committed suicide

(Newser) - After a man committed suicide at her Florida home , Olivia Newton-John has responded by—what else?—getting a priest to perform an exorcism on the property, Radar reports. Contractor Christopher Pariseletti, 41, shot himself in the head last month. Newton-John and her husband were trying to sell the 5,500-square-foot... More »

Man Found Shot Dead at Olivia Newton-John's Home

Contractor believed to have killed himself

(Newser) - A 42-year-old man found shot dead at Olivia Newton-John's Florida home yesterday was a contractor working at the house, police say. Newton-John, who owns the home with husband John Easterling, was not at the Jupiter Inlet Colony house at the time, Reuters reports. The death appears to be a... More »

Actors Who Played Teens When They Were How Old?!

'The Fonz' was actually ... 29

(Newser) - It's common knowledge that teenage characters in movies and TV shows are rarely played by actual teenagers. Fox News rounds up 62 notable cases, and reveals the ages of the actors in question. Click through for a sampling or check out the complete list . (Or click to read about... More »

Best Part of Ghastly Travolta Video? The Reactions

Travolta, Newton-John team up for 'I Think You Might Like It'

(Newser) - This somehow came to pass: John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John channel Grease's Danny and Sandy in a new video as they line dance and twang about Christmas together before ultimately driving off in a bright turquoise convertible. That description doesn't exactly sum up how awful the pair's... More »

9 Australian Celebs Who Aren't Actually Australian

Unfortunately, New York is responsible for Mel Gibson

(Newser) - Mel Gibson is many things, few of them complimentary…but one thing he is not? Australian. Ben Widdicombe rounds up 9 celebrities commonly—and mistakenly—thought of as Aussies, on PopEater :
  1. Mel Gibson: He was born in Peekskill, NY, and didn’t move to Sydney until he was 12. He
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Newton-John's Dead Ex Alive in Mexico

Speculation reigns he faked it to escape debt

(Newser) - Olivia Newton-John’s former lover has been presumed dead since going missing on a 2005 fishing trip—but he may have faked it due to rising debts, the Daily Mail reports. Private investigators claim to have found Patrick McDermott working in a small Mexican fishing town, and a fax sent... More »

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