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Trump Warns McCain, Who Shrugs It Off

President says if he fights back, 'it won't be pretty'

(Newser) - John McCain took a not-so-subtle jab at Trump Nation on Monday when he criticized "half-baked, spurious nationalism." President Trump, famous for his counterpunches, has responded with a not-so-subtle statement of his own. "People have to [be] careful, because at some point I fight back," he told... More »

Ann Romney: Let's 'Unzip Him' and Find Out

Plus: Rick Perry likes singing in the men's room. So there.

(Newser) - Mitt Romney, stiff? "I guess we better unzip him and let the real Mitt Romney out," Ann Romney quipped during a radio interview today. The candidate's good-humored wife laughed through her answer, after host Clarence Mitchell IV asked whether she wanted to contest the notion that Mitt... More »

Newsman Calls Politician the C-Word ... Accidentally

BBC presenter struggles to continue after notable mistake

(Newser) - A BBC radio presenter put his foot in his mouth after stumbling over an MP’s last name, replacing the “H” in “Hunt” with a “C,” the Independent reports. Presenter Jim Naughtie coughed and struggled to resume after making the mistake. “I’m afraid many... More »

O'Donnell: Show That Interview And I'll Sue

Video shows O'Donnell snapping for an aide

(Newser) - Christine O’Donnell’s campaign threatened to sue a radio station if it dared to post a video of its interview with her online. During the WDEL-AM interview, O’Donnell can be seen snapping her fingers to beckon a spokesman to her side as interviewer Rick Jensen pressed her on... More »

Irish Prime Minister: I Wasn't Drunk In Interview

But opposition says that's how he sounded

(Newser) - You know it probably wasn't the interview of your life if rivals call you out for having been smashed while giving it, but Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen says he was not—repeat was not—drunk during a live radio interview yesterday morning. The rumor started when an opposition party... More »

Radio Hosts Squeezed by Too Much Listener Info

Hosts say it takes away from content

(Newser) - Radio stations are collecting more and more data on the listening habits of their audience, and even popular hosts like Ryan Seacrest are feeling the pinch. Seacrest says Clear Channel execs told him to zip it because ratings would rise if "you actually play some more music," the... More »

Obama on Right-Wing Radio: 'We're Going to Get It Done'

(Newser) - President Obama brought his case for health reform to talk radio today, telling a largely conservative audience that a public option is only a small part of his goal and expressing skepticism that any deal with Republicans is possible. On the public option, "what we've said is we think... More »

7 Stories