David McCullough

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Why I Told Those Grads They're Not Special

David McCullough Jr. reflects on commencement speech

(Newser) - When high school English teacher David McCullough Jr. told a group of Massachusetts graduates they're not special , he wasn't expecting the deluge of publicity that followed, most of it "enthusiastically positive." He reflects on the experience and offers a follow-up in the Daily Beast , in which... More »

Finally, Grads Get Good Advice: 'You Are Not Special'

Editorial: Self-esteem movement takes a needed knock in speech

(Newser) - An English teacher in Massachusetts gave the commencement speech to a local high school and delivered a rarely heard message in such settings: "You are not special," David McCullough Jr. told students in Wellesely. "You are not exceptional." The students applauded, as do the editors at... More »

Americans Read Over President's Shoulder

Obama's vacation book list drives leaps in Amazon sales rankings

(Newser) - President Obama’s poll numbers are faltering, but his summer reading choices are getting rave reviews, Politico reports. A survey of the Amazon.com standings of the five books the White House announced he would take with him on his Martha’s Vineyard vacation show a drastic improvement in sales.... More »

3 Stories