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At Heart of Vast US Hacking Campaign: China Army

Report tracks prolific attacks to army's Unit 61398

(Newser) - A Shanghai-based unit of China's People's Liberation Army has liberated vast amounts of data from the US and other countries in a huge cyber-spying effort over the last seven years, according to a report from computer security firm Mandiant. PLA Unit 61398—known to some victims as the... More »

China Security Crackdown Includes Pigeons, Toy Planes

No dissent tolerated ahead of meeting of congress

(Newser) - Those planning to let their pet pigeons stretch their wings over Beijing tomorrow will have to reschedule. To limit potential protests or security threats before the opening of the Central Committee meeting, the Chinese government has made some interesting new rules, reports the AP . Among them: Pigeon owners must keep... More »

China Tech Giants Threaten US Security: Lawmakers

Huawei, ZTE secretly work for Communist Party: report

(Newser) - A House intelligence committee report gives a stern warning about two Chinese telecommunications giants that have been trying to expand their business in the US, and cautions that China could use their devices to spy on Americans. Huawei Technologies Inc. and ZTE Inc. say the claims are "baseless" and... More »

China's Xi Emerges to Greet Panetta

Future leader appears healthy, despite illness rumors

(Newser) - Xi Jinping, the man expected to become China's new leader next month, appeared in public again today, this time to meet with Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta, reports the Washington Post . Xi's sudden and unexplained cancellation of several high profile meetings, including one with Hillary Clinton, had fueled... More »

China Slams Mitt, Obama for 'Playing China Card'

Being tough on China won't solve US problems , state newspaper says

(Newser) - "Playing the 'China card' is not inspired, and cannot save the US economy," China's main state-run newspaper warns in an editorial slamming both President Obama and Mitt Romney for competing to see "who can be toughest on China." The People's Daily accuses the... More »

China Denies Lawyer for Chen's Nephew

Chen Kegui charged with 'homicide' though no one was killed

(Newser) - The Chinese government has denied Chen Kegui his choice of lawyers, saying he must use a pair of government-appointed attorneys in his "intentional homicide" trial. Chen was slapped with that charge because he brandished a knife on April 27 when authorities burst into his home after his uncle's... More »

China Forces al-Jazeera to Close Beijing Bureau

US reporter Melissa Chan expelled, no replacement allowed

(Newser) - China has forced al-Jazeera English to shut down its Beijing bureau by kicking out reporter Melissa Chan and refusing to allow another correspondent to replace her. Chan, an American citizen who had reported from Beijing for five years, left China last night after normally routine requests to renew her visa... More »

Anonymous Shuts Down Chinese Government Sites

Hackers punish officials for Internet crackdowns

(Newser) - Anonymous hackers are boasting that they shut down Chinese government web sites. A number of government sites were still not working today, and marked with error messages as officials scramble to get sites back up, reports AP . A message from Anonymous on one of the hacked sites indicated the Chinese... More »

Strange Scandal Dethrones Charismatic Chinese Pol

Bo Xilai removed as Chongqing party chief

(Newser) - A rising star in Chinese politics was ousted from his powerful perch as party chief in the huge city of Chongqing today, following a strange scandal that saw Chongqing's police chief seek US asylum . Bo Xilai is a charismatic figure who, unlike most Chinese politicians, actually courts the media.... More »

Chinese City Wiped Off Map

Chaohu's 4.5M people told city no longer exists

(Newser) - In a development that surprised many of the 4.5 million residents of Chaohu, the Chinese city has ceased to exist. The metropolis, which sits on the shores of a lake some 250 miles east of Shanghai, was wiped off the map overnight by officials who decided to divvy it... More »

'Beijing Is a Nightmare': Ai Weiwei

Activist artist describes city of repression and hopelessness

(Newser) - Free from the “mental torture” of his jail cell , Ai Weiwei turns his pen to his home city. There are two Beijings, he writes for Newsweek : "One is of power and of money," the other "one of desperation." The millions who come to Beijing each... More »

After 43 Days, Ai Weiwei Allowed to Meet With Wife

Famed artist tells her he is in good health

(Newser) - Imprisoned Chinese artist Ai Weiwei was granted his first family visit yesterday, 43 days after he was taken into custody, reports the BBC . Ai's wife, Lu Qing, was brought to a secret location to meet with him for about 20 minutes, under the condition they did not talk about... More »

Rights Groups Issue China Travel Warnings

'Freedom alerts' warn of danger to activists, journalists

(Newser) - Human rights groups urging travelers to avoid mainland China because of the suppression of dissidents have now issued special alerts for certain areas. The Hong Kong-based groups issued the highest level of alert for Beijing and Shanghai, warning that the cities have seen the largest number of repressive incidents since... More »

China Strikes Hit Toyota, Honda

Labor disputes test country's stability

(Newser) - In the latest in a string of labor disputes at factories across China, Toyota was forced to halt production yesterday at an assembly plant because of a strike at Denso, a parts supplier in southern China. The Denso plant also supplies Honda factories, which may also run out if the... More »

China Quashes News of School Cleaver Attack

Beijing fears copycat attacks, public anger

(Newser) - Chinese authorities, apparently fearing yet more copycat rampages and hoping to dodge public fury, moved quickly to hush up news of yesterday's gruesome kindergarten attack . News of the attack, in which a man hacked to death 7 students, a teacher, and the teacher's mother with a cleaver before killing himself,... More »

China to Let Currency Rise

But it'll also be able to fall, to deter speculators

(Newser) - China plans to revise its currency policies within a few days, producing an instant rise in the yuan against the dollar, and allowing greater fluctuation in the future, sources tell the New York Times . China’s Commerce Ministry has vigorously opposed such a move, but it appears to have lost... More »

China Secretly Executes Thousands Each Year—or More

Cattle rustling, vandalism capital offenses in China

(Newser) - Want to find out how many people China executes each year? Not a chance, Kate Allen writes in the Guardian . Though China is known to execute more people each year than all other countries put together, the government keeps the actual numbers under such tight wraps that even Amnesty International... More »

Fix US Democracy or China Wins

Conservatives are a bad advertisement for American way

(Newser) - The conservatives chucking wrenches into the works of American democracy have apparently failed to notice that there's a rival superpower out there again, warns Harold Meyerson. The Senate's efforts to thwart majority rule, and the Supreme Court's decision to allow corporations to make unlimited election donations are fueling Chinese arguments... More »

Wife to US: Stand Up to China and Free My Husband

Human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng held incommunicado for a year

(Newser) - Geng He can’t do anything for her human rights lawyer husband, who she says was "kidnapped" by the Chinese government a year ago today and is being held somewhere incommunicado. But the United States can, and must. “China will listen to the United States,” she writes.... More »

Google Wants to Stay in China: CEO

Search giant objects to 'censorship,' continues push for change

(Newser) - Google's CEO doesn’t see the company’s run-in with the Chinese government over a suspicious cyberattack means an end to their relationship. "We just don't like censorship," Eric Schmidt said at a World Economic Forum summit today. He said the company is optimistic about effecting change from... More »

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