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Young Girl Hit by 105mph Ball at Yankees Game

Players were in tears as she was taken away

(Newser) - Players and fans were shaken Wednesday after a foul ball hit a young girl in the face during a game at Yankee Stadium. (This video captures their reactions.) The game between the New York Yankees and the Minnesota Twins was delayed for several minutes while the girl, who was... More »

Fan Hospitalized After Foul Ball Hits Her Face

The ball slipped through a small gap in the protective netting

(Newser) - A woman was hospitalized after being hit by a foul ball in the seventh inning of a game between the Chicago White Sox and Tampa Bay Rays on Friday, the AP reports. The foul ball got through a small gap between netting behind an area for photographers, hitting the woman... More »

Ball Catchers Celebrate as Tyke Sobs

Little Rangers fan spotted by stunned announcer

(Newser) - A couple congratulated each other on snatching a baseball that was tossed into the stands by a Texas Ranger during a Yankees game on Wednesday night—seemingly oblivious to the kid two seats over who burst into tears. As the woman posed for a cell phone photo, the tyke sobbed... More »

Fallen Fan's Widow: We Still Love Rangers

Jenny Stone praises team, player Josh Hamilton

(Newser) - The widow of the firefighter who fell to his death at a Texas Rangers game says the team, baseball, and player Josh Hamilton remain precious to her and her 6-year-old son. Jenny Stone also thanked everyone who has reached out to help her family since her husband, 39-year-old Shannon Stone,... More »

Dud Dad Drops Kid for Foul Ball

Dodgers fan fails at parenting—and catching

(Newser) - A Dodgers fan who dropped his daughter when he saw a foul ball coming his way ended up catching nothing but an earful from stadium security. The little girl was unharmed—but she gave her dad an elbow in the ribs as he tried to pick her up again afterward.... More »

Supermom Snags Foul Ball

Tiffany Goodwin juggles kids, out-catches hubby

(Newser) - She pops out babies and catches pop-up fouls. Call her supermom. Tiffany Goodwin, 31, proved she can do just about anything after she snagged a foul ball during a Richmond Flying Squirrels minor league baseball game in Virginia—while cradling her baby son in her right arm and as one... More »

Guy Ducks, Ball Hits Girl, Guy Gets Dumped

'Bo the Bailer' learns a tough lesson

(Newser) - Today's "How to Treat a Lady Lesson:" If you let your girlfriend get smacked by a baseball on videotape that gets viewed more than 350,000 times, you will get dumped. When a foul ball was hit into the stands during the fourth inning of Monday night's Houston... More »

Twins Batter Hits Mom With Foul Ball

She's OK, but Denard Span ended up striking out

(Newser) - Minnesota Twins player Denard Span had a scary, odds-defying moment in today's spring training game. He lined a foul ball into the stands and struck his own mother—wearing his jersey, of course—in the chest. Span sprinted to her side as the game came to a halt. Wanda Wilson... More »

3-Year-Old Creates Viral Buzz With Foul Ball Toss

Toss-back earns young girl offers to close for Phillies

(Newser) - A happy Phillies fan made a sensational catch to snag a foul ball at last night’s game against the Nationals. Then he gave the ball to his 3-year-old daughter, and the result is turning into a YouTube sensation: She chucked it back over the railing. “When she first... More »

9 Stories