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Denmark's Economic Savior: Cheaper Soda

Nation is scrapping its soda tax to encourage spending

(Newser) - It's a policy that would make New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg gag . Over in Denmark, politicians are repealing their country's tax on sodas (and beer), in an effort to give their struggling economy some fizz, reports Der Spiegel . The soda tax will be cut in half in July,... More »

Hungary Launches 'Fat Tax'

Salty, sugary foods now 50 cents more expensive

(Newser) - Chocolate cake won’t make you any thinner—but in Hungary, it’ll make your wallet lighter. Yesterday, the country instituted a “fat tax” of about 50 cents on foods loaded with salt, sugar, and fat. Among a sweet-toothed population, the tax is expected to bring in some $100... More »

Skinny Americans Escalating War on the Fat

Advocates push for 'sin taxes' and other punitive measures

(Newser) - America’s ever-shrinking population of skinny people is fed up with obesity, and they’re not taking it anymore. Over the last decade, healthy people have advocated increasingly harsh measures penalizing their wider neighbors, the LA Times reports. Some notable offensives:
  • Pennsylvania’s Lincoln University floated a plan to force
... More »

'Fat Tax' Is Really a Poor Tax

(Newser) - With Congress contemplating a trillion dollar health care bill, the idea of the “fat tax” has come back into vogue as a way to slim down Americans. Supporters say junk food is every bit the addictive drug that cigarettes are, designed by food scientists to be “hyperpalatable,”... More »

4 Stories