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Pentagon Retweets Call for Trump to Resign

Spokesperson says message was 'erroneously retweeted'

(Newser) - See, this is why all those Twitter profiles are sure to note that retweets do not equal endorsements. CBS News reports the Pentagon's official Twitter account on Thursday retweeted a tweet calling for President Trump's resignation. "GOP: Stop making sexual assault a partisan issue," tweeted "... More »

Trump Deletes 2 Different Retweets From Morning

One called him a 'fascist'

(Newser) - President Trump is having another eventful stretch on Twitter. And the item getting the most attention appears to have been a misfire by the president, reports Politico . It began when Trump tweeted about a story on Fox saying he was considering a pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. A Twitter user... More »

Kid Unseats Ellen, Scores 'Nuggs'

Teen Carter Wilkerson earns a year's worth of chicken nuggets from Wendy's

(Newser) - As Carter Wilkerson prepped for final exams and attended his prom, he also kept dreaming of one other thing: chicken nuggets, and the retweets that would lead him to trayloads of them. The New York Times reports that dream came true this week as the 16-year-old junior from Reno, Nev.... More »

A Teen's Joke Tweet May Set a Record

Carter Wilkerson is in quest of a year's supply from Wendy's

(Newser) - A 16-year-old from Nevada who apparently really likes Wendy's chicken nuggets is closing in on the record for the most retweets ever thanks to a random idea he decided to act upon, reports the Guardian . Last Wednesday night, Carter Wilkerson took to Twitter to ask: "Yo @Wendys how... More »

Baldwin to Trump: 'Release Tax Returns and I'll Stop. Ha'

President-elect takes to Twitter after again finding 'SNL' impersonation 'unwatchable'

(Newser) - Alec Baldwin returned to Saturday Night Live as Donald Trump to mock the president-elect's retweeting practices , and the Donald himself was apparently watching, because as Zach Seemayer writes at ETonline , "ignoring the existence of irony all together, he immediately jumped on Twitter to slam SNL for mocking his... More »

Megyn Kelly Tweets One-Word Response to Trump's Heidi Cruz Insult


(Newser) - Megyn Kelly didn't have to say much to get her point across: In what the Hollywood Reporter calls a "rare move," the Fox News host has responded directly to a Donald Trump tweet. The tweet in question: Trump's retweet of an insulting image of Heidi Cruz.... More »

Zimmerman Tweets Photo We Didn't See Coming

'Z-Man is a one man army' accompanies sad photo

(Newser) - George Zimmerman's Twitter feed attracted a little attention Sunday when he retweeted a photo of Trayvon Martin's dead body—along with the words "Z-Man is a one man army." He soon took down the tweet, which was originally posted by @SeriousSlav , an apparent admirer, but this... More »

100 Retweets, 'and I'll Shoot Someone'

Los Angeles man arrested after threat on Twitter

(Newser) - A really bad joke (we hope) on Twitter has landed a Los Angeles man in jail. Police arrested 20-year-old Dakkari McAnuff on suspicion of making criminal threats after he allegedly promised to shoot a random stranger in exchange for 100 retweets. Police say McAnuff posted multiple photos on Twitter showing... More »

Kim Retweeted Twice as Often as Obama

We know. You're depressed.

(Newser) - Adding to your fears for the future of mankind: MIT researchers have built a tool that estimates that, on average, Kim Kardashian can expect to be retweeted twice as often as President Obama. The researchers came up with what they call the " Twouija: Retweet Oracle " to predict how... More »

Twitter Squad Foils Carjacking

Tweeters track cell phone of driver shut in trunk

(Newser) - An army of helpful tweeters helped save the day when a hapless car owner nearly lost his vehicle—and his life—to a pair of carjackers in South Africa. The armed thugs forced the driver into the trunk of his Volkswagen Golf. Luckily, they didn't take his cell phone,... More »

2 Mexicans Face 30 Years for 'Terror Tweets'

They're getting blamed for panic in lawless nation, say supporters

(Newser) - Two Mexicans face a possible 30 years in prison for "terror tweets," marking what could become the biggest penalty ever for a Twitter message. A math tutor and radio commentator have been charged with terrorism and sabotage after they tweeted rumors about gunmen attacking a school. Panicked parents... More »

How to Get Yourself Retweeted

Data analysis tells you words to use and when to build your brand

(Newser) - You might think all you need to do to get your 140-character gems rebroadcast on Twitter is make them, well, good. Wrong. Fast Company looks at some data-proven tips from Hubspot's Dan Zarrella:
  • Links work—If they're the right links: Retweets (or RTs) are three times more likely to have
... More »

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