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Outlaw Ned Kelly's Family Finally Gets His Remains

Except for his missing head

(Newser) - Australia's best-known outlaw was hanged more than 130 years ago. Now his family is finally getting his remains, minus one important piece: his head. The remains were buried in a mass grave and finally identified in DNA tests last November. The grave was outside a former prison whose bosses... More »

Bonnie, Clyde's Guns Up for Grabs

Handguns were found on outlaw lovers after death

(Newser) - The guns Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were carrying when they died in a hail of bullets during a police ambush 78 years ago are going to be auctioned off. The Colt .38-caliber revolver Bonnie had taped to her inner thigh and the .45-caliber Colt pistol Clyde had tucked into... More »

Aussies Find Remains of Outlaw Ned Kelly

(Newser) - The remains of Ned Kelly have been identified more than 130 years after the iconic Aussie outlaw was executed. The bushranger, hanged in 1880 for his gang's murder of three policemen, was buried with dozens of other convicts in a prison mass grave. DNA from a Kelly descendant was... More »

Billy the Kid May Finally Get His Pardon

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson will decide by year's end

(Newser) - One of Bill Richardson’s last acts as New Mexico governor could be pardoning Billy the Kid . He’s reviewing a petition to pardon the famed outlaw—killed in 1881 after reportedly killing 21 men—which is based on the claim that Governor Lew Walllace promised the Wild West folk... More »

Pardon for Billy the Kid? Cop's Family Irate

Descendants of sheriff who killed legend want to talk to NM gov

(Newser) - Sheriff Pat Garrett's descendants are seeing red over the suggestion that the outlaw Garrett shot down 129 years ago may be receiving a pardon . Three of the lawman's kinfolk have sent an angry letter to New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who is believed to be considering pardoning the outlaw before... More »

90% Want to Outlaw Texting While Driving: Poll

Younger Americans slightly more tolerant, but 83% still in favor of ban

(Newser) - An overwhelming majority of Americans think texting while driving is such a bad idea it should be outlawed. A new poll finds that 90% of us support a ban; the most contrary demographic is, rather unsurprisingly, young'uns aged 18 to 29—though a robust 83% are in favor of a... More »

6 Stories