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New York's 'Eternal Flame' Holds Natural Gas Secret

We may have more gas resources than previously believed: researcher

(Newser) - An "eternal flame" tucked behind a western New York state waterfall could have been lit as many as thousands of years ago—but it's only now revealing secrets about the natural gas that fuels it. There are thought to be a few hundred of these natural flames around... More »

Huge Cyber Attack Targets Iran, Middle East

Dubbed Flame, the virus may have struck Iran's oil facilities

(Newser) - A surprisingly complex computer virus has struck Iran's oil facilities and spread across the Middle East, CNET reports. Dubbed Flame by analysts, the malware appears state-sponsored and designed to plunder data from personal computers and major networks alike, according to Russian Internet security giant Kaspersky Labs. "The complexity... More »

Woman's Face Erupts in Flames During Surgery

29-year-old mom of three was having cysts removed from her head

(Newser) - A Florida woman was airlifted to a burn center after her face erupted in flames during surgery. The 29-year-old mom of three was having cysts removed from her head when the accident occurred. Firefighters were called, but the flash fire was out by the time they arrived. It's not... More »

Look Up Exes on Facebook at Your Own Peril

He's probably gay, she probably hates you, and it could ruin your relationship

(Newser) - Back in the halcyon pre-Facebook days, Elizabeth Bernstein writes, you didn't just pick up the phone and ring up an old flame. “If you went looking for a former partner, you knew you were looking for trouble.” So why it should be any different on Facebook? A survey... More »

4 Stories