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10 Best Horror Movies Ever

According to 'Paste'

(Newser) - Like to be scared? Paste has a great resource for you in the form of a list of the 100 best horror films of all time. The site has several "horror geeks" on staff and has done more than a few horror-related lists—but never a single definitive ranking,... More »

7 Oscar Winners Who've Starred in Horror Flicks

Even Tom Hanks has done his time in a scary movie

(Newser) - Just because you've won one of Hollywood's most coveted awards doesn't mean you're too good to star in a cheesy horror movie. Vanity Fair rounds up 15 Oscar winners who've done just that. Click through the gallery for a sampling or check out the full... More »

15 Celebs Who Got Their Start in Horror Flicks

Some may surprise you

(Newser) - Gather up some vintage horror movies to watch this Halloween, and you may just be surprised by a familiar face. Wired rounds up 30 celebrities who got their start in horror movies. A sampling:
  • Jon Stewart: The Faculty, 1998
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Halloween H20: 20 Years Later, 1998
  • Renee Zellweger: Texas
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Critics Split on New Paranormal

Lauren Bittner, Katie Featherson star in horror flick

(Newser) - Reviewers are divided over the third Paranormal Activity installment, which once again aims to frighten with low-budget footage.
  • In the newest film, “the sense of dread that permeated the first Paranormal Activity is gone,” writes Joe Neumaier in the New York Daily News . We’re seeing the series
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Horror Icon Ingrid Pitt Dead

Actress survived Nazis to become 'first lady of horror'

(Newser) - One of the most seductive vampires in movie history has died. Ingrid Pitt, best-known for starring in Hammer horror films of the '70s like Countess Dracula and The Vampire Lovers, passed away in London at the age of 73. The Polish-born star spent years in a Nazi concentration camp as... More »

Wes Craven Picks Top 10 Horror Flicks

Selected by a man who knows what's scary

(Newser) - Need some suggestions for a scary movie to watch this weekend? None other than the horror master himself, Wes Craven, offers up his 10 favorites in the Daily Beast :
  1. Don't Look Now (1973): A "pretty moving work of art as well" as a horror film, this movie is a
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Amityville Horror House Up for Sale

Owner seeks $1.15M for famous murder site

(Newser) - The Long Island house made famous by the Amityville Horror movie has hit the market for $1.15 million, horrors not included. A family of 6 was murdered in the home in 1975, and the movie was loosely based on the haunting the next family to move in claimed to... More »

Scream 4 Set for 2011 Release

Wes Craven, Neve Campbell will return

(Newser) - April 15 of next year will be scary for more than just tax-related reasons: Scream 4 will hit theaters. The latest film in the franchise is scheduled for release more than a decade after Scream 3, and will start shooting this spring, Variety reports. Wes Craven is back as director,... More »

The Crazies Is a Scary Blast

Horror remake a stylish tribute to 1973 original

(Newser) - Mike Hale of the New York Times dismisses The Crazies—Breck Eisner's remake of the 1973 George Romero flick—as "not crazy enough." But just about everybody else seems sufficiently freaked by this B-movie tale of bio-weapons gone wrong in small-town America:
  • Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune
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Fourth Kind: Not Real, Not Scary

Alien-abduction mock-doc delivers lame premise with laughable framing device

(Newser) - The Fourth Kind attempts to combine dramatization of true events and fake-documentary alien abductions in Alaska, and falls horribly flat. Here's what critics are saying:
  • The ludicrousness of the grainy archival footage, presented as "real," and a lousy performance by Milla Jovovich, whose "notion of serious acting
... More »

Scorsese's Favorite Horror Flicks

One of cinema's greats shares his favorite scary movies

(Newser) - Martin Scorsese wants to give you a Halloween treat: The legendary director, writing for the Daily Beast, lists his top 11 fright-fests.
  1. The Haunting: “You may not believe in ghosts but you cannot deny terror!”
  2. The Isle of the Dead: "There’s a moment in this
... More »

Stylish Horror Revived in House of the Devil

Homage to old-school horror films builds tension masterfully

(Newser) - Babysitter-in-danger flick House of the Devil does a delicious job of reproducing the atmosphere of classic horror flicks from the '80s, say critics, and its slow-burn tension is a refreshing change from splatter-fests like Saw.
  • Director Ti West has "crafted a film that beautifully reproduces the look and texture
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Saw VI No Match for Original

Critics agree: Whatever you think of the first film, it was better

(Newser) - Most critics find themselves in the tough spot of praising the original Saw to put down the sixth installment. They don't make 'em like they used to. Some opinions:
  • "The film goes all trendy in its selection of victims," opting for the likes of insurance adjusters and bypassing
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Bale's American Psycho Inspiration: Tom Cruise

Cruise's lifeless eyes impressed Christian Bale as he studied serial killer role

(Newser) - To capture the "Martian-like" behavior of serial killer Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, Christian Bale studied a fellow Hollywooder with a well-publicized belief in aliens, says director Mary Harron: Tom Cruise. Bale-as-Bateman looked at the world "like somebody from another planet," she tells BlackBook."One day... More »

Step Away From The Stepfather

Remake of cult classic is thoroughly unnecessary, critics agree

(Newser) - Most critics would rather curl up with some popcorn and watch the original 1987 version of The Stepfather than see the remake again. Most would also like to see all prints of the new release, which casts Dylan Walsh as the murderous title character, burned. Some reactions:
  • One high point:
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