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Xena Actress Arrested After 3 Days on Oil Ship

Lucy Lawless, five other Greenpeace activists busted in New Zealand

(Newser) - Lucy Lawless was arrested today in New Zealand along with five other Greenpeace members, three days after they boarded an oil-drilling ship that had been contracted by Shell. Lawless, aka Xena: Warrior Princess, occupied the vessel to protest its plan to do exploratory drilling off Alaska. "This chapter has... More »

Protesters to Harass BP—With Vuvuzelas

100-horn march planned at London HQ

(Newser) - For one London videographer, BP execs aren't feeling enough pain for the environmental destruction they've caused. He'd like to remind them with a little discomfort of their own—and what better way than a vuvuzela concert? That's what Adam Quirk has planned—he posted an open call for donations toward... More »

Shrimper Pours Syrup Over Self in Senate

She interrupts Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski

(Newser) - Anger over the Gulf oil spill continues to boil over: A Texas shrimper and activist was arrested today for disrupting a Senate hearing by pouring syrup—a stand-in for oil—over herself. Diane Wilson interrupted Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who's in favor of limiting the amount that BP and other oil... More »

Police Tear Gas Climate Protesters

Some 230 protesters have been detained

(Newser) - Copenhagen's climate protests turned ugly today, as police used tear gas and batons to disperse crowds that were trying to disrupt the UN conference. A police spokesman said 230 protesters had been detained in the clashes. Television reports showed a man being pushed from the roof of a police van... More »

Denmark Releases 1K Protesters

Thirteen remain in custody; more protests planned today

(Newser) - Danish police today released hundreds of activists who were detained during a mass rally demanding strong action from the UN climate conference. Police said only 13 of the 968 people detained during and after the demonstration in Copenhagen remained in custody today. Of those, three—two Danes and a Frenchman—... More »

Protesters Descend on Copenhagen

Police detain about 600 youths when bricks are thrown

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets of Copenhagen today to press world leaders for progress on global warming. Estimates ranged from 40,000 (from police) to 100,000 (from organizers). Police say they detained about 600 black-clad youths after bricks were thrown at officers, reports AP . Earlier,... More »

Brit Cops Sic Dogs on Eco-Protesters

Officials call it a 'different style of policing'

(Newser) - Climate change activists were chewed up by police dogs as British cops sicced German shepherds on protesters scaling fences at a power station. ''Of course this is regrettable, but it's a combination of reckless behavior by some protesters and us having to respond with a different style of policing,"... More »

7 Stories