Diary of a Wimpy Kid

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Town Helps Boys After Lemonade Stand Cash Is Stolen

Even 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' author offered distraught boys money, advice

(Newser) - Spencer Bergman really wanted a dog, and his mom said if he could save up $500, he could get one. His pal Spencer Tarbet needed to save money for Scout camp. So the two boys, ages 13 and 12, set up a lemonade stand over the summer in their Round... More »

Alice's $34.5M Makes Box Office a Wonderland

Repo Men tanks with lackluster $6.2M opening

(Newser) - Alice remains the queen of the box office. Johnny Depp and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland took in $34.5 million to remain the No. 1 movie for a third straight weekend. The movie raised its domestic haul to $265.7 million after just 17 days in theaters. More »

Wimpy Kid Makes Friends, Some Enemies

Critics split on 'sweet,' 'stale' kids' movie

(Newser) - Diary of a Wimpy Kid is like your average middle schooler—loved by some, hated by others. Reviews, in short, are mixed. Here’s what critics are saying:
  • “It is so hard to do a movie like this well,” but Diary of a Wimpy Kid pulls it off,
... More »

School Day Includes Obamas-Teacher Conference

President makes surprise visit to Malia's, Sasha's classrooms

(Newser) - Third- and sixth-grade teachers at the private Sidwell Friends School knew Michelle Obama planned to attend today's scheduled parent-teacher conferences, but they weren't warned to expect her companion: President Obama. The first couple's trip to Sasha's Bethesda, Md., school and Malia's Washington classroom was low-key, for a presidential motorcade—... More »

4 Stories