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21 Killed as Militants Besiege Philippine City

Thousands flee as military sends in tanks

(Newser) - Army tanks packed with soldiers have rolled into a southern Philippine city to try to restore control after militants linked to ISIS launched a violent siege. Thousands of civilians have been fleeing Marawi, a city of some 200,000 people, the AP reports. At least 21 people have died in... More »

Gunmen Launch Deadly Attack on Indian Air Base

Three reported killed by suspected militants

(Newser) - Two members of India's security forces and a civilian were killed Saturday when gunmen stormed the Pathankot air base near India's border with Pakistan, CNN reports. The New York Times and AP are stating at least four shooters have been killed, while CNN claims all five of the... More »

Taliban We Traded for Bergdahl Can Soon Travel

They might be able to move about freely as soon as Monday

(Newser) - A one-year travel ban is expiring for five senior Taliban leaders who were held in US detention at Guantanamo Bay until they were released last year in exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, raising the possibility that the five can move freely around the world as early as Monday. Under terms... More »

Khorasan Is the Terror Group to Worry About

Officials point to danger at home from al-Qaeda cell

(Newser) - More than a third of the 22 US airstrikes in Syria weren't aimed at ISIS. Instead, they targeted a lesser-known al-Qaeda cell known as the Khorasan Group—an organization that some US officials see as a "more direct threat" to the West than ISIS, the New York Times ... More »

Obama: Israel Settlements in West Bank Not Appropriate

Earlier, Gaza militants fired rockets into Israel during Obama visit

(Newser) - President Obama headed over to the West Bank today for a meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in which he blasted Israel's settlement activity as neither constructive or appropriate. At a news conference with Abbas, Obama said he's told Israel's leaders as much, the AP reports,... More »

Militants Attack Pakistan Court Complex; 3 Dead

Dozens injured in suicide bombing, gun fight

(Newser) - Militant gunmen and at least one suicide bomber attacked a court complex in northwestern Pakistan today, killing at least three people and wounding more than two dozen, a government official said. The attackers may have been trying to free militant colleagues jailed on the premises of the compound in Peshawar,... More »

22 Hostages Still Missing in Algeria: Report standoff between military, militants continues

(Newser) - After the Algerian military launched an attack on militants holding hostages at a gas field, numbers remain hazy, but Reuters reports that the whereabouts of 22 of those hostages—14 Japanese and eight Norwegians—remain unknown. Algerian special forces continue to surround the site, a local insider tells Reuters, adding... More »

Early Reports: 35 Hostages Killed in Algeria Crisis

Many had already escaped, according to earlier reports

(Newser) - Some 35 hostages and 15 Islamist militants in the Algerian crisis have reportedly been killed in a helicopter attack launched by the Algerian military, reports the AP . Those numbers, however, were released by the militants, who also announced that seven of the 41 hostages taken, including two Americans, are still... More »

Emails: Militants Quickly Took Credit for Libya Attack

But Hillary Clinton notes it was just a Facebook post

(Newser) - More information about the confusion in the days following the Sept. 11 attack on the US consulate in Libya: Emails obtained by Reuters show that scarcely more than two hours after the attack, the White House, Pentagon, and FBI were informed by the State Department's Operations Center that a... More »

Militants Attack Iraq Prison, Free 90 Inmates

At least 12 guards killed in Tikrit attack

(Newser) - About 90 inmates, including some "hardcore" al-Qaeda members, were freed after militants attacked an Iraqi prison last night, officials say. A car bomb went off outside Tasfirat prison's gates in Tikrit; then gunmen stormed the prison and fought with security guards for hours into the early morning, killing... More »

Egypt Deploys Troops, Tanks in Sinai Offensive

Army shuts down smugglers' tunnels to Gaza

(Newser) - Egypt's offensive in Sinai is growing. Yesterday saw missiles fired following a series of attacks on government forces; today, officials are sending troops and armored vehicles, including tanks, to the peninsula. Meanwhile, the military is closing off illegal tunnels across the border into Gaza; the 1,200 passageways, typically... More »

US Has Vast Secret Intel Operation in Africa

'Washington Post' reveals details in extensive article

(Newser) - In an extensive piece today, the Washington Post details a vastly expanded secret intelligence operation that the US military has been establishing across Africa since 2007, a surveillance network of disguised aircraft and a dozen air bases used to spy on al-Qaeda and other terrorist operations. The Obama administration has... More »

Why Militants Are Killing Emos

'Emo' and 'gay' are synonymous for most Iraqis

(Newser) - Why are young people in Iraq who identify as Emos being brutally murdered ? Because militants, and Iraqis in general, think of them as gay, the AP reports. Up to 58 Iraqis considered homosexual have been killed over the past six weeks, sometimes by having their skulls crushed with heavy... More »

Militants Kill 80 Soldiers in Yemen

50 troops captured in devastating attack

(Newser) - Al-Qaeda-linked militants attacked an army base in southern Yemen, setting off a pair of car bombs and killing 80 soldiers yesterday in an hours-long battle. At least 20 militants were also killed in what became one of the bloodiest battles the country has seen in years, the Wall Street Journal... More »

Kenyan Troops Invade Somalia

Official says they're targeting suspected kidnappers al-Shabab

(Newser) - Kenyan troops crossed the border into Somalia yesterday in an attempt to crack down on militants suspected in a rash of kidnappings, residents say. A Kenyan official confirms to the BBC the country’s troops are targeting al-Shabab, the Somalia group suspected of crossing the border and seizing four Europeans... More »

Predator Drones Taking Out... Foot Soldiers?

One estimate claims 94% of those killed are low-level militants

(Newser) - As the CIA increases the number of drone attacks in Pakistan, more militants are being killed—but of those militants, few appear on a list of most-wanted terrorists. The number of noteworthy leaders being killed by the Predator strikes appears to be dropping, or barely increasing, year by year. Last... More »

Militants' Coordinated Attacks Kill 11 Soldiers in Pakistan

150 militants hit five security posts

(Newser) - Some 150 Islamist militants attacked five security posts today in an unusually large and coordinated assault close to the Afghan border, sparking hours of fighting that killed 11 soldiers and wounded 12, officials said; 24 insurgents died. Al-Qaeda and Taliban militants often stage attacks in northwest Pakistan, but the overnight... More »

Pakistan Blast Kills 15 in Karachi

Gunmen stage attack on largest city, Karachi

(Newser) - Militants attacked a police compound in the heart of Pakistan's largest city today with a hail of gunfire and a massive car bomb, leveling the building and killing at least 15 people. The gang of around six gunmen managed to penetrate a high-security area of Karachi that is home to... More »

Iraq Church Attack Leaves Dozens Dead

More than taken 100 hostage in Baghdad yesterday

(Newser) - Dozens are dead and more than 50 wounded after militants took nearly 100 hostage in a Catholic church in Baghdad yesterday, prompting Iraqi anti-terrorist forces to storm the building. Officials say most of the injuries and deaths occurred after the kidnappers set off two suicide vests, the New York Times... More »

Yemeni Gunmen Kill 11 in Brazen Jailbreak

Suspected al-Qaeda militants free detainees at intel headquarters as guards flee

(Newser) - Four suspected al-Qaeda gunmen blasted their way into the intelligence headquarters of Yemen's second largest city yesterday, killing 11 people and managing to free several detainees. An eyewitness said the gunmen in military uniforms fired rocket-propelled grenades and threw hand grenades at the building's entrance before charging inside in a... More »

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