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Okla.'s July Was Hottest US Month on Record

Texas also set its own record for hottest July

(Newser) - Sweltering may have reached a new record last month, as Oklahoma racked up the country's highest monthly average temperature ever. That's the highest average temperature, for any month, for any state, associate Oklahoma state climatologist Gary McManus said. According to automated weather recording instruments, the state's average... More »

US Swelters in Massive Heat Wave

No relief expected this week

(Newser) - Sorry, Americans: No matter where you live, you can expect a hot day—and week. A heat wave that started yesterday is expected to continue scorching the middle of the country as it spreads east, with Plains states experiencing highs topping 100 degrees Fahrenheit today. Much of the rest of... More »

Top 10 Hottest Heads of State

Sorry, Nobel Committee, Obama only ranks 15th

(Newser) - Barack Obama may have won a Nobel Peace Prize, and Yulia Tymoshenko has not, but there’s one thing the Ukrainian prime minister has over the president: She’s ranked No. 1 on The site offers “scientific and unbiased rankings” of world leaders’ hotness, complete with piercing... More »

2008's Hottest Ladies

Fox News names the best bods

(Newser) - You didn't think Fox News would forget about the ladies, did you? Here's a sample of its choices for hottest bods of 2008:
  • Karolina Kurkova: She has no bellybutton, "but that didn't stop magazines from Photoshopping one on her for their photo spreads."
  • Angelina Jolie: "
... More »

2008's Hunkiest Guys

Jackman, Beckham ... and Obama highlight Fox list

(Newser) - Fox News has a holiday gift for everyone: The hottest men of 2008. Here's a sample:
  • Barack Obama: "Slated to become the president with the meanest six-pack in history."
  • David Beckham: "Wow. We want to say something but just ... wow."
  • Brad Pitt: "Even that three-piece
... More »

Record Highs Scorch West

Sizzling towns open swelter shelters for elderly as heat goes on

(Newser) - A searing heat wave is likely to continue barbecuing the western U.S. today after record temperatures soared to 127 in Death Valley, 125 in nearby Baker and 116 in Phoenix yesterday. Las Vegas sizzled at 116 degrees with humidity in the single digits, and even northeastern Oregon cracked 107... More »

6 Stories