hurricane season

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Hurricane Could Hit Texas for First Time Since 2008

Tropical Storm Harvey could turn into hurricane by Friday

(Newser) - Tropical Storm Harvey could turn into a hurricane by Friday, the same day it's expected to make landfall in Corpus Christi, Texas. If it does indeed develop into a Category 1 storm, it will be the state's first hurricane since 2008, CNN reports. The National Hurricane Center is... More »

'Surprise' Tropical Storm Hits SC, Beats Season's Start

Ana made landfall in South Carolina

(Newser) - Early surprise Tropical Storm Ana made landfall in South Carolina this morning, a full three weeks before the start of the Atlantic hurricane season. Packing slightly weakened 45mph winds, CNN reports that the storm came in just north of Myrtle Beach. The storm is set to further weaken, but... More »

Hurricane for the 4th? Tropical Storm Arthur Forms

Carolinas likely to be hardest hit

(Newser) - The National Hurricane Center has just officially named its first tropical storm of the season, and it threatens to dump rain on Fourth of July celebrations up much of the East Coast. Tropical Storm Arthur, which is currently about 100 miles southeast of Florida's Cape Canaveral, could even strengthen... More »

Louisiana, Florida Under Hurricane Watch

Tropical Storm Karen forms in Gulf of Mexico

(Newser) - Tropical Storm Karen has formed in the Gulf of Mexico, and the National Hurricane Center says it has a "near 100%" chance of turning into a hurricane or cyclone in the next two days, CNN reports. A hurricane watch is in effect from Grand Isle, La., to Indian Pass,... More »

First Named Storm of Year Hits Florida

Andrea brings 60mph winds, at least five tornadoes

(Newser) - Tropical Storm Andrea brushed its fingers across south Florida today, bringing 60mph winds, heavy rains, end even tornadoes with it. By this afternoon, Andrea's gusts could climb into hurricane-strength territory, CNN reports, though the storm won't spend enough time over the water to become an actual hurricane. At... More »

Hurricane Forecast Doesn't Look Good

70% chance that this year will be more active than average: NOAA

(Newser) - Unwelcome news on the heels of the devastation in Oklahoma: This year's hurricane season could be busier than usual. That from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which today released its annual prediction for the season, which begins June 1 and lasts six months. Federal forecasters say there's... More »

In One Louisiana Parish, Isaac as Brutal as Katrina

Plaquemines Parish's levees overrun

(Newser) - Today is the 7th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and for residents of Plaquemines Parish, it's deja vu all over again, according to the parish president. Billy Nungesser tells NPR that the parish, located some 95 miles from New Orleans, has already seen damage that rivals, and could even surpass,... More »

Isaac Pelts Fla. Keys

Could hit anywhere from New Orleans to Panhandle

(Newser) - Florida is getting its first taste of Tropical Storm Isaac, with strong wind and rain pelting the Florida Keys beginning this morning as the vast 200-mile-wide storm picks up strength and moves in on the continental US. Isaac's path after the Keys is still uncertain: Forecasters warned he could... More »

Weather Service Needs $36M to Avoid Furloughs

5K employees could be put on leave for 13 days this summer

(Newser) - The National Weather service plans to furlough as many as 5,000 employees for 13 days between July and September if a $36 million hole in its budget is not filled. The Weather Service is asking Congress for the money, asserting that the unpaid leave of employees will endanger critical... More »

Weakened Hurricane Bud to Hit Mexico

Storm expected to make landfall near Puerto Vallarta today

(Newser) - Residents of Mexico's central Pacific coast have been warned that this Bud's for them. Hurricane Bud, the first Pacific hurricane of the season, has weakened to a Category 2 storm and is headed in the direction of the tourist city of Puerto Vallarta, where swimming has temporarily been... More »

Tropical Storm Alberto Forms Off Carolinas

Year's first storm forms before start of hurricane season

(Newser) - With 12 days left before the official start of hurricane season, Tropical Storm Alberto has formed about 95 miles off the coast of South Carolina, according to the National Hurricane Center. Thus far, Alberto isn't expected to make landfall, but he's got his own tropical storm warning and... More »

Tropical Storms Nate, Maria Form

Nate expected to hit Mexico, while Maria churns in Caribbean

(Newser) - Irene, Katia, and Lee all made not-so-nice headlines, and unfortunately there’s more where they came from: Tropical Storms Nate and Maria are currently taking shape in the Caribbean and Atlantic. Nate, formed in the southern Gulf of Mexico, is expected to drop anywhere from 2 to 8 inches of... More »

Geraldo Wishes a Hurricane Had Come on 9/11

It might have stopped the terrorists, he reasons

(Newser) - Geraldo Rivera loves hurricanes. Reflecting on his career on Fox and Friends this morning, Rivera waxed romantic about the danger and excitement of covering a hurricane—"It's like war, only no one is shooting at you"—and then let the hosts in on his particularly weird meteorological daydream.... More »

BP: Spill May Be Fixed as Soon as July 27

New, earlier target date aimed at investors

(Newser) - The relief well that is supposed to finally stanch the oil flow from the Deepwater Horizon may be ready as early as July 27, BP is now telling the Wall Street Journal . That's weeks ahead of the mid-August schedule they’ve discussed until now, and just happens to be the... More »

Hurricane Season Looms Over Gulf Cleanup

Strong storms predicted, could enormously disrupt effort

(Newser) - Tropical Storm Alex looks to be steering clear of the Gulf oil spill, barring any last-minute turns, but he brings the shadow of a hurricane season predicted to be busy and violent to bear over the ongoing cleanup operation. A major storm would mean the evacuation of 39,000 people... More »

Hurricane Forecaster Sees 'Hell of a Year' Ahead

Look out, Gulf Coast

(Newser) - Just what the Gulf Coast needs: a prediction that the Atlantic is in for a "hell of a year" in hurricanes. A leading forecaster tells Reuters that a shift in weather patterns over the last month suggests the season will be busy. "The numbers are going to go... More »

State Farm Cancels Policies on Florida Coast

125K are losing coverage in middle of hurricane season

(Newser) - State Farm, Florida’s top home insurer, is ditching 125,000 of its coastal customers this year—right in the middle of hurricane season. The cancellation notices will start flowing this week, informing residents that they’ll be unprotected starting Aug. 1, NBC News reports. State Farm says it’s... More »

Tropical Storms Ana, Bill Aim for US Shores

Ana is the season's first named system; Bill could morph into a hurricane

(Newser) - Ana and Bill are on the move, but meteorologists aren't worried just yet, the Miami Herald reports. Both tropical storms formed in the Atlantic today and are moving westward, but a possible US landing is 5 or more days away. The National Hurricane Center says they could strike anywhere from... More »

NOAA Predicts Average Hurricane Season

(Newser) - The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts the 2009 hurricane season will see nine to 14 tropical storms, of which four to seven will develop into full-fledged hurricanes, the Tampa Tribune reports. As many as three could become Category 3 storms, with winds above 111 mph. The prediction jibes with... More »

Ike Spilled 500K Gallons of Gulf Oil

Strong winds, waves damaged dozens of oil platforms

(Newser) - Hurricane Ike knocked at least a half million gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico and nearby waterways, according to an AP analysis of environmental reports. Worst hit were oil platforms near the coast of Louisiana, but about half of the spill occurred at a facility on Goat... More »

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