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Inside REM's Final Days

Michael Stipe's words at last gig: 'Hooray, we're done'

(Newser) - After completing his final performance with REM, a teary-eyed Michael Stipe quietly mouthed, "Hooray, we're done." Working on their last album, the band had chosen Berlin's legendary Hansa TonStudio for the final recording session. Since there was to be no tour for the album, a camera... More »

R.E.M. to Fox: Stop Playing Our Music

Michael Stipe doesn't appear to be a fan of the network

(Newser) - Today's entry in the don't-mix-my-music-with-your-politics meme: R.E.M. sent a cease-and-desist letter to Fox News after the network used "Losing My Religion" in its coverage of the Democratic convention, notes the Hollywood Reporter . At least Michael Stipe was more colorful than most: "We have little... More »

Stipe: REM Breakup 3 Years in the Making

He explains to Salon why the band didn't do a farewell tour

(Newser) - REM’s break-up, announced in September , wasn’t a snap decision. The band had been talking about it during its 2008 tour, Michael Stipe tells Salon in a lengthy sit-down. “The decision came about quite organically, like most things in REM,” he says. By the end of that... More »

Best Videos of the Decade

Music industry may be changing, but the format is alive and well

(Newser) - The "aughties" saw a breakdown in the traditional music business and the outlets for music videos. But that doesn't mean people didn't make good ones—maybe they're even better for it. Steve LaBate runs down the best since 2000 in Paste. A sampling:
  • Outkast, "Bombs Over Baghdad": "
... More »

4 Stories