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Todd Palin Behind Banned-Bloggers List

Man kept from Sarah's Alaska signing gets answers

(Newser) - Turns out Todd Palin was behind the banning of certain bloggers from wife Sarah’s book-signing event in her Alaskan hometown Tuesday. One of those barred from the event talked to the store manager, who told him, “The ‘banned list’ is just four names he wrote in a... More »

Palin Bans Bloggers From Book Signing

Critics kicked out of hometown 'Going Rogue ' event

(Newser) - Dying to attend one of Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue book signings? Better make sure you’re not on the banned list first. It includes four names so far, one of whom hasn’t been identified. The first three:
  • Jesse Gryphen: An Alaska kindergarten teacher who posted Palin divorce rumors
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Test Your Palin Knowledge

'Newsweek' goes deep with Sarah trivia

(Newser) - With Sarah Palin fever at its highest point since the 2008 election, Newsweek dares you to test how much you know about the nation's most polarizing politician:
  • What question did Palin and strategists plan for her to ask Joe Biden before the start of their debate?
  • Mat, Court, Zamboni, and
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Blindingly White MSNBC Guilty of Hypocrisy

'Monochromatic' commentators shouldn't slam Palin crowds

(Newser) - MSNBC commentators sneering at the lack of minorities lining up to buy Sarah Palin's book should start their quest for diversity a little closer to home, writes Michelle Malkin . Take a look at Chris Matthews and Norah O'Donnell, who complained about the "monochromatic" Palin crowds, and the MSNBC lineup... More »

Pundits Lie, Numbers Don't: Women Despise Palin

Frum: So stop telling us how popular she is with 'the people'

(Newser) - Former Bush speechwriter David Frum is sick and tired of hearing the punditocracy gush over how much everyone loves Sarah Palin, and, armed with fistfuls of polls, reminds us: Her fan club is conservative men, and women of all stripes despise her. “If you like Palin,” he writes... More »

Book Tour Shows Palin Hitting a Nerve

'Going Rogue' phenomenon may foreshadow something bigger

(Newser) - Just 5 days into her book tour, first-time author Sarah Palin is attracting crowds so huge and adoring that they're feeding speculation about her political future. The philosophy that moved one fan to call her "the female Ronald Reagan" is nothing new, experts tell Erika Bolstad of the Anchorage ... More »

Palin Pulls in Big Bucks —for Democrats

'Going Rogue' boosts Dem fundraising to new high

(Newser) - Guess who else is raking in the dough as Sarah Palin noisily returns to the national stage: her detractors. After months of trailing Republicans in fundraising, Dems raised $11.5 million in October, a record for a non-presidential year, the Washington Post reports, compared to $8.7 million for the... More »

Neglected Ind. Fans Boo Palin

Hecklers accuse her of 'quitting on the job'

(Newser) - Sarah Palin ticked off about 150 fans in Noblesville, Ind., last night by bailing on a book signing earlier than expected. Though the first 1,000 people who bought Going Rogue from the local Borders got wristbands that were supposed to ensure they'd get their copies signed, Palin got back... More »

Fox Caught Fudging Footage Again

This-just-in Palin video actually from '08 campaign

(Newser) - The incident isn’t on par with Jon Stewart catching Fox News host Sean Hannity passing off old video as new, but lefty blogger Faiz Shakir found the network doing something similar today. Noting huge crowds for Sarah Palin’s book tour, host Gregg Jarrett alerts viewers to “pictures... More »

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