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New Media Unite, Ignite Anti-Obama Message

Beltway insiders work together with tea party populists

(Newser) - The bloggers, radio hosts, tea-partiers and Beltway veterans of the new conservative movement are not only getting their message out through Twitter and Facebook—they're also getting their act together. Thanks to new media, conservatives are increasingly energized and coordinated, with Washington "insiders" and populist "outsiders" working together.... More »

Bachmann Drops Out of Tea Party Convention

Concerned about pricey tickets, profit motives of the organizers

(Newser) - More turmoil for the National Tea Party Convention: Firebrand Michele Bachmann is dropping out. The Minnesota congresswoman says she's decided against speaking at next week's event in Nashville over concerns that organizers are fleecing the political faithful. Sarah Palin remains on the docket, with a reported $100,000 speaking fee. More »

Obama Needs to Ditch the 'Wall Street Liberal' Label

A fight with big banks would best help his reputation

(Newser) - "Wall Street Liberal" is pretty much the worst label you could stick on a politician: The left has no great love of Wall Street, while the "liberal" part ticks off the right. Bad news, then, for President Obama—who is actually neither liberal nor a Wall Street darling—... More »

Anti-Tea Party Tide Turning Bloody

Experts worry fights may be next wave

(Newser) - Fistfights at tea party rallies over the weekend have some analysts worried that the violent backlash may be only just beginning. In Fort Lauderdale, anti-tea party activists chanting "Amnesty yes, racists no!" clashed with tea party protesters who entered their protest zone. The group had emailed members calling... More »

4 Stories