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'No Global Warming'? Critics Slam 2 Articles

Science scribes lambaste articles in the Wall Street Journal , Daily Mail

(Newser) - Science writers are in a tizzy over two articles this weekend that deny the existence of global warming. One, signed by 16 scientists in the Wall Street Journal , notes "the lack of global warming for well over 10 years now." It argues that a world economy unburdened by... More »

Trove of New Climategate Emails Released

Communications offer look at scientists facing skepticism

(Newser) - Soon after it was debunked, Climategate is back—on the eve of new UN talks seeking a global deal on climate change. A hacker has unveiled a new batch of some 5,000 emails from the same trove of University of East Anglia files initially hacked, the Washington Post reports.... More »

Climategate Debunked, Media Pounces on ... McRib?

Cable news cares more about McDonald's, he complains

(Newser) - When climate scientists were accused of massaging data in 2009, cable news networks pounced on the "Climategate" story, offering up a slew of talking heads to declare global warming a hoax, Jon Stewart noted last night. A new independent study, however—funded in part by none other than the... More »

Maldives: No, Our Country Isn't Underwater

Satirical 'Telegraph' global warming column irks island nation.

(Newser) - Atlas makers have decided to omit the Maldives from future editions because global warming threatens to submerge the island nation, a climate-change skeptic Telegraph writer claimed in a satirical column . Sound ludicrous? Not to some newspapers and opposition politicians in the Maldives, who took the bogus story seriously and demanded... More »

Ethics, Science Both Inconvenient for Climate Deniers

High stakes demand high seriousness, not 'cynical careerism': Krugman

(Newser) - Climate change deniers aren’t just flouting scientific evidence—they’re flouting morals, writes Paul Krugman in the New York Times . Case in point: Last week, Republicans invited a pair of scientists to testify at a Congressional hearing on climate science. When Berkeley’s Richard Muller, a climate change skeptic,... More »

Fox Boss Demanded Skepticism on Global Warming

Media Matter cries foul about leaked email

(Newser) - Liberal watchdog Media Matters has an email that it says shows how the honchos at Fox News order news to be slanted: It comes from Fox exec Bill Sammon, who sent it to news staffers on the subject of global warming: "...we should refrain from asserting that the planet... More »

Skeptical Climate Report Plagiarized Wikipedia

...and other material, including text from scientist it was blasting

(Newser) - An influential 2006 congressional report questioning the validity of global warming research was heavily plagiarized, lifting sections from textbooks, Wikipedia, and even one of the scientists it criticized, according to experts contacted by the USA Today . A year-long analysis by one of the experts found that 35 of the report's... More »

Top Climate Skeptic Does an About-Face

Lomborg suddenly wants to toss $100B a year at global warming

(Newser) - Bjørn Lomborg is not a popular guy in the halls of climate science—the UN’s climate chief once compared him to Adolf Hitler. But the self-proclaimed “skeptical environmentalist” has suddenly jumped aboard the bandwagon, the Guardian reports. In his new book, the Danish economist says that climate... More »

Bernie Sanders: Climate Deniers Like Nazi Deniers

Skeptics hope warming, like Hitler, will just go away

(Newser) - Sen. Bernie Sanders used a hearing today on the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget to lay into those, including some Republican colleagues, who doubt the science behind climate change. “It reminds me in some ways of … the late 1930s,” said the Vermont independent. “During that period... More »

Time for Climate Scientists to Fight Back

And let's start calling it 'global weirding'

(Newser) - Hey, it's snowing a lot. Therefore, global warming is a hoax. Thomas Friedman is tired of hearing this, along with all the other skeptics' arguments of late, and he wants climate scientists to stop "playing defense." The public is understandably confused after a series of dumb missteps, so... More »

Climate Doubters Gleeful Over Snow Storm

But climate scientists say it's almost evidence for global warming

(Newser) - Climate change skeptics are having a chilly field day with the snow strewn across the East Coast, even as climate scientists say it is, if anything, evidence of global warming. James Inhofe’s family built a 6-foot-tall igloo on Capitol Hill adorned with a sign reading “Al Gore’s... More »

Climate Skeptics Are Using Fake Quote: Scientist

Sir John Houghton says he's considering legal action

(Newser) - “Unless we announce disasters, no one will listen.” That quote, attributed to leading climate scientist Sir John Houghton, has been bandied about by climate change skeptics for years, as proof of the creative alarmism of climate scientists. There’s just one problem: Houghton never said it, and it... More »

Climate Emails Don't Prove Warming Is a Fraud

But they do damage credibility of scientists

(Newser) - The leaked climate change emails are “damning” and dangerous to the deadly serious inquiry into the state of our planet, Eugene Robinson writes. It’s not that the science is bad—“If I'm wrong, somebody ought to tell the polar ice caps that they're free to stop melting”... More »

Fallout From Hacked Climate Change Emails Intensifies

Scientists worry backstabbing could derail emissions agreement

(Newser) - The planet-sized rift between climate scientists skeptical about man-made global warming and the rest of the field has been getting even wider this week as the fallout from last week's hacked emails continues. Some experts fear that the emails—in which climate scientists insult skeptics and discuss ways to block... More »

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