TARP repayment

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Uncle Sam Will Lose Money on GM Bailout

Current stock prices show $11B loss

(Newser) - Hoping Uncle Sam will break even on the General Motors bailout? You might just have to keep on hoping. GM stock needs to sell at $95.51 per share for that to happen and that's three times the current price—even after a 25% climb this year— NBC News... More »

Watchdog: TARP Profit Is 'Misconception'

Hundreds of small banks struggling to repay loans

(Newser) - The Treasury Department tends to give glowing reviews to the TARP bailout, but the program's inspector general has a distinctly different view. "It is a widely held misconception that TARP will make a profit," writes Christy Romero in a new report to Congress, according to the Huffington... More »

Taxpayers Still Have $132.9B Stuck in TARP

Government trying to unwind stock without losing on the deal

(Newser) - The Treasury Department has had a tough time selling off some of the stock it took on in exchange for TARP bailout funds, meaning taxpayers are still on the hook for some $132.9 billion—some of which they may never get back, according to a report released today by... More »

Taxpayers Will Score $12B on Citigroup Bailout: Treasury

Government strikes deal to sell remaining 2.4B shares

(Newser) - Taxpayers will wind up making out like bandits on their $45 billion bailout of Citigroup. The Treasury Department has struck a deal to sell its remaining 2.4 billion shares of Citigroup for $4.35 a share, it announced yesterday, bringing the total money made off such sales to $57... More »

Bailout May End Up Costing $0

Despised TARP expires Sunday

(Newser) - The terms "$700 billion" and "bailout" are paired as often as "Tea" and "Party," but it turns out that the government lifeline to banks and auto firms will only cost taxpayers a fraction of what was originally predicted. The hugely unpopular Troubled Asset Relief Program—... More »

Feds Look to Unload Citi Stake, Collect $8B

Dumping 27% stake would be 2nd-largest offering ever

(Newser) - At the time, throwing scads of cash at crumbling banks looked risky. But now it's financial genius as the Obama administration looks to unload its stake in Citigroup—and collect a tidy $8 billion profit in doing so. The transaction, which the Washington Post reports will be the second-largest stock... More »

Big Banks on Obama's TARP Fee: Nuh-Uh

Industry 'burden' will decrease lending ability, they threaten

(Newser) - Wall Street wants its bailout, and its bonuses, too, and this sure-to-be-popular fee on banks Barack Obama is considering isn't sitting well at all. “Current law doesn’t trigger this tax proposal for another four years,” objected the top lobbyist at the Financial Services Roundtable, referring to a... More »

Obama Lives in 'Fiscal Fantasy World'

Voters are waking up to president's free-spending ways

(Newser) - President Obama is trying to sound like he's turning tough on the deficit and federal spending in his State of the Union address, but Karl Rove isn't impressed and Americans shouldn't be, either. Obama has "rigged the game" by boosting discretionary domestic spending by more than $100 billion from... More »

US to Hand Ailing GMAC Another $3.5B

Firm has already taken some $12.5B

(Newser) - GMAC is set for another $3.5 billion from the government—this on top of more than $12.5 billion since last December. The latest infusion comes amid an overhaul as the firm grapples with mortgage-linked losses, aiming at a return to profitability in the first quarter of next year,... More »

To Spur Bank Execs to Act, Mess With Their Pay

Compensation limits have prompted swift TARP repayment

(Newser) - A common complaint about the TARP bailouts was that by injecting capital and making the financial environment more friendly, the government wasn't doing enough to push the banks into real reform. Why wouldn't the banks simply live off TARP cash as long as they could? Yet those concerns were unfounded,... More »

Citi Wins Massive Tax Break

Firm will use dodged fed taxes to repay fed bailout bucks

(Newser) - The government will be collecting billions of dollars less in taxes from Citigroup as part of Citigroup's deal to pay back federal bailout money. The IRS has granted an exemption from tax rules relating to Citigroup and other companies partially owned by the government. The future taxes being forfeited will... More »

No-Show Bankers Show Who's on Top

With bailout funds repaid, Wall Street snubs the president

(Newser) - Obama’s meeting with top bankers yesterday spoke volumes about the new power dynamic between Washington and Wall Street—and not in the White House’s favor. Three top bankers, Lloyd Blankfein, John Mack and Richard Parsons, called in rather than showing their faces. Their excuse was weather that had... More »

Wells Fargo Will Pay Back $25B, Exit TARP

Bank plans $10.4B stock sale; move will boost EPS

(Newser) - Wells Fargo will repay $25 billion in federal bailout funds, becoming the last major national bank to square its TARP account. Part of the money will come from a stock sale that's expected to yield $10.4 billion, the New York Times reports. "We’re ready to fully repay... More »

Obama Prods 'Fat Cat' Bankers on Reform, Loans

Meeting sparsely attended thanks to weather

(Newser) - Less than 24 hours after jabbing at "fat cat bankers," Barack Obama rounded up every one of them he could find and prodded them to lend more, modify mortgages, and get behind financial reform methods. "America's banks received extraordinary assistance from American taxpayers to rebuild their industry,... More »

Citigroup to Repay $20B in TARP Loans

Will issue $17B in common stock to meet capital requirements

(Newser) - Citigroup and the US government have reached a deal that will allow the bank to repay $20 billion in TARP loans, after weeks of wrangling over the bank's health. Citi will raise $20.5 billion, $17 billion of it in common stock, the company said in a statement, a sign... More »

Citi, Wells Fargo Clash With Feds Over Repaying TARP

Fed, Treasury want banks to raise more capital first

(Newser) - Citigroup and Wells Fargo are at odds with the government over how much they need to raise to repay their TARP bailouts, with Uncle Sam wanting them to raise more capital first. Both are looking to follow Bank of America’s lead and get out from under the TARP, allowing... More »

BofA's 'George Bailey' Axed

Bank clerk struggles to find help for customers hit by debt

(Newser) - Just in time for the holidays, a worker in Georgia who tried to get the same kind of help for bank customers that banks got from taxpayers has been fired—by Bank of America. Jackie Ramos, 23, fudged information on behalf of clients to help them qualify for credit repayment... More »

Geithner: Goldman Woulda Failed Sans Bailout

Execs dreaming if they think they wouldn't have failed

(Newser) - Goldman Sachs fatcats were musing this week about how they might have been fine without a federal bailout, but Tim Geithner is having none of it: “None of them would have survived,” he tells Bloomberg , without federal intervention. “The entire US financial system and all the major... More »

TARP Payback a Huge Win for BofA, Lewis

Outgoing CEO proves critics wrong and paves way for successor

(Newser) - Bank of America’s move to repay $45 billion in TARP funds marks a triumph for the rehabilitated institution and especially beleaguered CEO Ken Lewis. Wooing a replacement for the retiring Lewis was proving exceedingly difficult as candidates declined to try to run the company with government scrutiny of executive... More »

Bank of America Will Repay $45B TARP Loan

Move will help bank rid itself of government restrictions

(Newser) - Bank of America is joining the ranks of banks that have repaid their TARP loans. The bank will repay $45 billion to the Treasury Department to begin ridding itself of restrictions on pay and other matters. BofA plans to raise $20 billion in capital to beef up its reserves and... More »

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