Yahoo Facebook partnership

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Facebook: The Frat House Years

Young company run like a rowdy dorm

(Newser) - The house was overrun with partying college students. Broken beer bottles were frequently swept carelessly into the pool—which drunken guests would leap into by jumping off a zip-line slung from the chimney. That's what Facebook's first “headquarters” was like, according to excerpts, published by Fortune , from David Kirkpatrick's... More »

Yahoo Gets Deeper In Bed With Facebook

Integration will boost traffic on both sites, they hope

(Newser) - Yahoo is finally getting seriously social in a new partnership that will integrate Facebook Connect into its many properties. Yahoo users will be able monitor their Facebook feed on Yahoo, and vice versa. The integration will be done “on a deep level,” a Yahoo exec tells Kara Swisher,... More »

2 Stories