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Dems' Enthusiasm High, but Republicans' Higher

(Newser) - New polling shows record enthusiasm for the midterm elections, particularly among Republican voters. Among Democrats, 57% are “more enthusiastic than usual” about November, the highest percentage Gallup has ever recorded for them in a midterm. The problem? Republicans stand at a whopping 69%. This is obviously not great news... More »

Brown Mania Grips Massachusetts

Bay State Republicans invigorated by their pickup truck-driving candidate

(Newser) - The enthusiasm gap in Massachusetts today looks more like a chasm. Everywhere Scott Brown went yesterday he found himself bombarded by euphoric fans. Some were bused in, sure, and some were from out of state, “but most were Massachusetts conservatives who felt like their votes mattered for the first... More »

'Angry White Men' Could Rule 2010

Republicans enjoy big enthusiasm gap

(Newser) - The new year could look a lot like 1994, with another uprising from the “angry white male” demographic, says one Republican pollster. In the bipartisan George Washington University Battleground Poll, 20% of respondents described themselves as “angry” about “the way things are going in the country today.... More »

This New Poll Should Terrify Democrats

Almost half say they won't vote next year; but 8 in 10 GOPers will

(Newser) - The enthusiasm gap between angry Republicans and blasé Democrats is ridiculously wide, according to a new poll that ought to scare the bejeezus out of those who color themselves blue. Conducted by the non-partisan firm Research 2000 for the decidedly partisan Daily Kos, the poll asked respondents how likely they... More »

4 Stories