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Battered MAC Cancels Tasteless Juarez Line

Entire Rodarte collection is off after controversy

(Newser) - First it apologized. Then it said it wouldn't sell its "Juarez" line in Mexico. Now, more than a month after MAC created quite a stir by partnering with Rodarte on products with names like "Factory" and "Ghost Town," some of which basically looked like blood , it's... More »

Shredded Clothes Are the Future of Fashion

They're a sign of the times, apparently

(Newser) - If the idea of purchasing pre-shredded clothes seems silly, get used to it...this trend isn't going anywhere. Not only that—it could be a "signpost" with the "staying power to shape the future of design," writes Ruth LaFerla in the New York Times . At least that's... More »

5 Fashion Week Trends

Not interested in fashion? Check out the falling models

(Newser) - Wondering what you’ve missed so far from Fashion Week? We’ve rounded up five trends to keep your eye on—check out examples of each in the gallery:
  • Wearability: Designers from Derek Lam and Vera Wang to, yes, even Marc Jacobs and Rodarte are offering clothes the average person
... More »

Rodarte Deal With Target a Mistake

What happened to the Mulleavy sisters' commitment to authenticity?

(Newser) - Rodarte, which has become synonymous with handcrafted, authentic, extremely well-made clothes, was the last line Erika Kawalek ever expected to do a Target collection. The looks aren’t bad—some, like the leopard-print dress and blue tulle blouse, are rather nice—“but if you turn off your acquisitiveness for... More »

4 Stories