Tiger Woods divorce

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How Tiger Told His Kids About What Happened

'Daddy made some mistakes': Woods' take on divorce from Elin Nordegren

(Newser) - Unlike the person who flew a giant "CHEATER" banner over Tiger Woods' head as he played in the US Open in June, the pro golfer and his ex-wife have made their peace with the infidelity that helped break up their marriage in 2009 (the two divorced in 2010). In... More »

Inside Elin Nordegren's New, 'Paparazzi-Proof' Life

Tiger's ex has properties in Sweden, and maybe Florida

(Newser) - Elin Nordegren is renovating a $2.3 million "paparazzi-proof" Swedish island mansion, reports the Daily Beast in a look at Nordegren's new life. Rumors are swirling that Tiger Woods' ex-wife will move back to her home country, and her late 2009 purchase of the secluded mansion—it can only... More »

'My Children Come First and Always Will'

Says he's learning to balance golf, family for first time

(Newser) - Now that Elin Nordegren has broken her silence about ex-hubby Tiger Woods' affairs, the golfer himself is issuing a public statement. But if you expected fireworks, look away, because it reads like a carefully choreographed follow-up to her interview. After praising Nordegren as a "wonderful mother" for her "... More »

Elin: 'I Never Suspected' Affairs

Her first—and last—post-divorce interview is here

(Newser) - The inevitable post- divorce Elin Nordegren interview is here. It’s her first and, she tells People , her last. “I have been through the stages of disbelief and shock, to anger and ultimately grief over the loss of the family I so badly wanted for my children,” she... More »

Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren Officially Divorced

(Newser) - To the surprise of possibly no one, Tiger Woods and his club-wielding Swedish model wife are officially divorced. The marriage was dissolved today in a Florida Court; he and Elin Nordegren will "share parenting" of their two kids. The divorce comes nine months after Woods' fateful Thanksgiving night encounter... More »

Elin Gets $100M in Divorce

Tiger Woods' wife can't speak publicly about it

(Newser) - Elin Nordegren will get nowhere near the $750 million figure that emerged in reports earlier this week in her divorce with Tiger Woods. But the real amount—closer to $100 million, reports TMZ —isn't too bad, either. In exchange, she agreed to a confidentiality clause, meaning no books or... More »

10 Priciest Divorces Ever

Think Tiger's paying a lot? He's still not tops

(Newser) - Tiger Woods’ reported $750 million divorce payout is big, but not big enough to top the Daily Beast's list of the 10 costliest divorces (it comes in second—a distant second):
  • Michael and Diandra Douglas: She walked away with half his fortune—$45 million—and could still get more. She’
... More »

Tiger, Elin Want Quick, Quiet Divorce

Details will be worked out before anything goes public

(Newser) - Tiger and Elin's seemingly inevitable divorce draws closer: Sources say the pair is working to iron out custody and financial agreements before submitting the official paperwork. The couple want to quickly and quietly file for divorce once everything is finalized—good luck with that—and may even do so in... More »

Elin's Done With Tiger: Mag

She was livid over Earl Woods commercial, sources say

(Newser) - So Tiger Woods is really, really, really sorry about the whole harem-of-mistresses thing, but it might just be too late. No papers have been filed, People notes, but sources tell the mag that wife Elin Nordegren was livid over his iffy commercial featuring dead old dad, and that she hotfooted... More »

Elin: Tiger Gave Me $300M

Nordegren hires a PI while Woods parties with another blonde

(Newser) - Elin Nordegren is cashing in on her husband’s cheating scandal—that is, if the British tabloids are to be believed. Nordegren told pals her Christmas gift from Tiger Woods was “three hundred million dollars, thank you very much,” a source tells News of the World , adding that... More »

Elin Seeks Sole Custody of Tiger's Kids: Tabs

As Tiger Woods' wife waffles on divorce, Rachel Uchitel flees to Florida

(Newser) - Tiger Woods’ scorned wife is definitely going to file for divorce…right? Gossip sites can’t seem to agree on that pivotal issue. Sources tell TMZ Elin Nordegren hasn’t yet decided whether to file, but Radar cites two UK tabloids claiming she is not only moving forward with the... More »

Elin Hires Top Lawyer for $284M Divorce

Nordegren talks to Sorrell Trope; Woods gets strip club sponsor offer

(Newser) - Elin Nordegren didn’t just get herself any old lawyer—she’s reportedly hired Hollywood's superstar divorce guru Sorrell Trope, and is gearing up to go after nearly $284 million. Trope, whose clients range from Cary Grant to Hugh Grant, specializes in “very high-asset, high-income divorces,” an expert... More »

Elin Quitting Tiger For Kids' Sake: Pal

'She's a strong woman, she's made up her mind'

(Newser) - Elin Nordegren Woods is preparing to divorce her errant husband because she believes it's best for the couple's young son and daughter, according to a friend. “She’s a strong woman, this is beyond embarrassing, and she has a daughter and son she has to think about, who will... More »

Maybe Tiger's Had a PR Plan All Along

The golfer's handling of his infidelity scandal may not be so bad

(Newser) - Tiger Woods, so talented at the game of golf, seems to know nothing about the game of PR: He’s hopelessly bungled this whole infidelity scandal—or has he? Though his strategy might not be obvious to all, Simon Dumenco sees a method to the madness, and outlines Tiger’s... More »

Tiger Woods Linked to... Jessica Simpson?

Sources say the golfer flirted with Tony Romo's ex, and Elin will leave

(Newser) - Today’s bizarre Tiger Woods rumor: The golfer was also involved with—wait for it—Jessica Simpson. It seems the two met days before Simpson and Tony Romo split, when Romo partnered with Woods at a golf tournament. “Tiger liked what he saw and let her know it,”... More »

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