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Yemen Hunts More Packages

Officials examining 24 suspect packages

(Newser) - Officials are hunting some two dozen suspect packages likely linked to al-Qaeda in Yemen, the AP reports. Yemeni officials were examining 24 packages in their custody, an anonymous official says, and searching for more while interviewing cargo workers at the airport. Officials in the US have temporarily halted all cargo... More »

Dubai: Plane Bomb Looks Like al-Qaeda

Package bore same explosive as failed Christmas bombing

(Newser) - The US-bound mail bomb discovered yesterday in Yemen had al-Qaeda's fingerprint on it, Dubai officials say, having been packaged in a "professional manner" and containing the same explosive as the failed Christmas bombing. "The plot style carries features similar to previous attacks carried out by terrorist organizations like... More »

Explosives Could've Blown Hole in Jet

Abdulmutallab carried more than shoe-bomber

(Newser) - The explosives Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab carried with him aboard Friday’s flight to Detroit were powerful enough to blow a hole in the side of the plane, sources tell the Washington Post . ABC News has obtained photos of the explosives, which were sewn into Abdulmutallab’s underwear. The package contained... More »

Prez Orders Air Security Review

Obama demands review of 'watch lists,' chemical detection

(Newser) - Despite US officials' insistence that the airline security system works, President Obama is demanding an investigation into how a Nigerian managed to sneak the incendiary chemical PETN onto a transatlantic Northwest flight to Detroit. Suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was on a US security watch list and a dossier had been... More »

4 Stories