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High School Seniors' High Grades May Be Deceiving

Grades are rising, on average, but SAT scores are falling—so are students learning?

(Newser) - If you've got a straight-A student living under your roof, you may want to give your teen a pop quiz once in a while. A new study reveals that even though a larger percentage of high school seniors than their 1998 counterparts are heading off to college with an... More »

Nikki Haley Gives SC Legislators Report Cards

Dems oddly scored a bunch of Fs

(Newser) - Look out South Carolina lawmakers—Nikki Haley is grading you. The governor this week followed through on her promise to issue “report cards” for the state’s legislators, grading them on how well they supported her agenda, the Columbia Free Times reports. Unsurprisingly all the Fs went to Democrats,... More »

Malaysia to Grade Students on Their Weight

Move is designed to curb obesity

(Newser) - Soon, if you want to be an "A" student in Malaysia, you'll have to study and exercise hard. Schools across the country will add students' body mass index alongside their usual grades in a bid to curb childhood obesity, the country's health minister says. The move is... More »

Mom to Kid With Bad Grades: Kill Your Hamster

Jailed Lynn Middlebrooks Geter forced son to do deed with hammer

(Newser) - A 38-year-old Georgia woman is in jail today after allegedly forcing her son to kill his pet hamster with a hammer after he earned poor grades in school. Lynn Middlebrooks Geter is charged with animal cruelty, child cruelty, and battery. The incident came to light when the 12-year-old boy told... More »

5 Things Obama Has Done Right (or Better Than You Thought)

...and 5 failures bigger than you realize

(Newser) - Obama clearly ran a successful campaign—but what kind of a job did he do running the country in his first year at the helm? While the president "has not been overmatched, he has not yet mastered the role either," Mark Halperin writes in Time . Some things he's... More »

5 Stories