Ali Abdullah Saleh

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More Than 90 Killed in Attack on Yemen Capital

Al-Qaeda claims responsibility

(Newser) - A suicide bombing targeting the Yemeni military killed more than 90 people today, and injured another 222, a government official announced. Reportedly dressed as a soldier, the attacker set off the blast near the presidential palace in Sanaa as troops trained for a military parade. An al-Qaeda source tells the... More »

Saleh Set for Exile in Ethiopia

Ousted Yemen leader to leave within 2 days: aides

(Newser) - Following the inauguration of his successor, Yemen's ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh is due to leave the country within days, aides say: He's seeking exile in Ethiopia. Despite his exit from power, Saleh's presence in the country has remained a source of tension, prompting thousands to protest... More »

Yemen Votes to Oust Saleh

Abed Rabbo Mansour al-Hadi voted in as new president

(Newser) - Yemen came together after a year of unrest today, voting out President Ali Abdullah Saleh in favor of his former vice president, Abed Rabbo Mansour al-Hadi. The New York Times reports that turnout in the capital, Sanaa, appeared high and spirits were similarly high, despite the fact that the election... More »

US Seeking Refuge for Saleh—Just Not Here

Letting him in would help Yemen, but hurt America's image in the Middle East

(Newser) - The White House wants Ali Abdullah Saleh out of Yemen, and officials are trying to find him a new home—but they'd rather it not be the US. The Yemen president met with an American ambassador this week to review his options in a matter that's put the... More »

Al-Qaeda Storms Yemen Town

Opposition accuses Saleh of giving Qaeda a green light

(Newser) - Al-Qaeda militants have taken control of another town in Yemen, in yet another power grab in a country rocked by protests. With President Ali Abdullah Saleh due to hand over power this month (though he may not leave Yemen ), opposition figures are accusing him of letting the group seize... More »

Saleh Staying Put in Yemen

President's party claims the country needs him

(Newser) - Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh has backed out of a plan to travel to the US for medical treatment . The official line is that Saleh was persuaded to stay by his party, which told him that his strife-torn country needed him, the New York Times reports. Saleh, after months... More »

US Thinks Saleh Tricked It Into Killing Rival

CIA relied completely on Yemen government for intelligence

(Newser) - The government of Yemen appears to have tricked the US into taking out a local political nuisance with a missile strike, top military leaders involved in the attack tell the Wall Street Journal . Yemeni officials alerted the US to a gathering of al-Qaeda leaders on May 25, 2010, and the... More »

Yemeni Prez Will Receive Medical Care in US: Officials

Aid for despised dictator will likely spark criticism

(Newser) - The debate is apparently over : Washington will allow Yemen's embattled president to visit New York for medical treatment, US officials tell the New York Times . They say the move will effectively disempower Ali Abdullah Saleh by removing him from Yemen, where demonstrators are still waging a deadly battle for... More »

US May Allow Saleh to Come ... Here

But only if he's seeking 'legitimate' medical treatment

(Newser) - After nine protesters were killed in Yemen on Saturday, outgoing President Ali Abdullah Saleh pledged to leave the country to "calm the atmosphere for the unity government to hold the presidential election" scheduled for February ... and said he would head to the US. And Reuters reports that the US... More »

Snipers Kill Protester in Yemen Clash

7 injured in Taiz following ceasefire pact

(Newser) - A ceasefire agreement this weekend wasn’t enough to prevent the latest clash between protesters and pro-government forces in Yemen. Snipers killed a 20-year-old woman after soldiers stopped a protest march in the city of Taiz this morning, demonstrators said; at least seven more were injured in the showdown. The... More »

Saleh Signs Deal to Step Down

He'll soon travel to New York for medical treatment

(Newser) - Ali Abdullah Saleh resigned as president of Yemen today, signing a deal in Saudi Arabia to cede power to vice president Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi until elections can be held in three months. The signing was aired on Saudi state-run TV, which showed a smiling Saleh sitting beside King Abdullah... More »

Yemen's Saleh Poised to Cede Power

Set to sign deal, but he's made such claims before

(Newser) - Yemen’s embattled president is headed to Saudi Arabia to sign a deal ceding power to the vice-president, allowing Ali Abdullah Saleh to keep his title until the country holds new elections in three months. But there’s no guarantee that Saleh, who has dropped out of such plans in... More »

Yemeni Women Burn Veils to Protest Crackdown

25 killed in overnight clashes

(Newser) - Furious over the government crackdown on protesters , Yemeni women took to the streets of Sanaa today to burn their veils in a traditional act of protest. Tossing the veils into a pile and setting it alight, they chanted, “Who protects Yemeni women from the crimes of the thugs?” The... More »

Yemen Sees 3rd Straight Day of Violence

At least 17 killed this weekend

(Newser) - Violence in Yemen showed no signs of stopping today after a weekend of clashes, prompting rising fears of a civil war. A field doctor says four protesters were killed today as gunfire and explosions shook Sanaa, and the New York Times reports that at least 17 people were killed over... More »

Yemeni Gangs Injure Women Protesters

Thousands marched for Nobel Peace Prize–winner

(Newser) - Pro-government gangs assaulted dozens of women in Yemen yesterday marching to honor the country's new Nobel Peace Prize winner, CNN reports. Thousands of women turned out in three Yemeni provinces to celebrate Tawakkol Karman, the first Arab woman to win the prize. But the march in Taiz was disrupted... More »

Yemen's Saleh to Step Down 'in Coming Days'

Activists doubt president's latest promise, but officials say he means it

(Newser) - Faced with continuing protests and a military insurection in Yemen, President Ali Abdullah Saleh took to state television to announce—yet again—he would step down "in coming days," reports the BBC . "I reject power and I will continue to reject it, and I will be leaving... More »

US, Yemen at Odds Over Counterterror Strategy

US doesn't want to get involved in a Yemen civil war

(Newser) - The US and Yemen shared a counterterrorism victory with the death of Anwar al-Awlaki , but behind the scenes, relations are growing tense. Yemen complains the US isn’t helping fight al-Qaeda-affiliated militants within its borders, while the US has publicly called for Ali Abdullah Saleh’s ouster, and is wary... More »

Yemen Violence Rises After President's Surprise Return

Troops kill protesters in Change Square

(Newser) - The surprise return of President Ali Abdullah Saleh seems only to have tipped the nation further into violent chaos. In the capital city of Sanaa, Yemeni troops attacked unarmed anti-Saleh protesters in Change Square, killing at least 16, reports al-Jazeera . Troops also attacked the headquarters of soldiers who sided with... More »

Yemen President Out of Hospital

But isn't yet returning to Yemen

(Newser) - Looks like we haven’t seen the last of Ali Abdullah Saleh after all. Yemen’s wounded (and for a while there presumed deposed ) president has been released from the Saudi hospital where he was being treated, Saudi and Yemeni officials said today. He isn’t returning to Yemen... More »

US to Yemen's Saleh: Get Out

White House calls for 'immediate transition'

(Newser) - The White House is not-so-subtly telling Yemen's embattled president to hit the road, with top counterterror adviser John Brennan telling Ali Abdullah Saleh yesterday to “fulfill expeditiously” his pledge to step down. Brennan “called upon” Saleh “to sign the GCC-brokered agreement for peaceful and Constitutional political... More »

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