Nexus One launch

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Users Already Grousing About Google Phones

Lack of support helpline irks Nexus One users

(Newser) - The honeymoon for Google's Nexus One smartphone lasted under a week for many users. Support forums are already filled with critics complaining about various problems, especially connectivity issues. The biggest problem, though, appears to be that many users aren't clear on which company is supposed to answer their questions and... More »

Google Poised to Unveil Nexus One

Smartphone launch expected at 'event' today

(Newser) - The eyes of the tech world swing over to Google HQ today, where the search engine is expected to roll out its much-anticipated Nexus One "superphone." Google has stayed tight-lipped about the phone—confirming only that handsets have been handed out to employees for testing—leaving the industry... More »

2 Stories