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Edward Snowden Finally Emerges

NSA whistleblower accepts award for integrity in intelligence

(Newser) - With Edward Snowden's dad visiting Russia , the NSA whistleblower emerged from hiding today to be photographed and accept an award for "integrity in intelligence," the AP reports. Sporting an open-necked blue shirt and black suit, Snowden smiled in a photo with the award's presenters: British Wikileaks... More »

Lie Detector Tests to Ferret Out Intel Media Leaks

New rules aim to stem the stories on secrets

(Newser) - The National Intelligence director has announced new strategies to ferret out the people leaking secret information to the media. Intelligence officials will face new lie detector questions and tests, as well as possible scrutiny by a new inspector general, reports the New York Times , one of the primary beneficiaries of... More »

Fed Terror Boss Skied Through Bomb Crisis

Could be downhill from here on for Michael Leiter

(Newser) - The director of the National Counterterrorism Center remained on his ski vacation despite news that a passenger had tried to blow up a Detroit-bound jetliner. Michael Leiter, the top official in charge of analyzing terror threats, didn't return to the Virginia center's "bat cave" near the CIA until several... More »

3 Stories