French colonies

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Sorry Florida, Long-Lost Fort May Be in Georgia

Researchers think historic Fort Caroline is one state over

(Newser) - No wonder historians haven't been able to find a historic but long-lost French fort in America: They were looking in the wrong state. Researchers from Florida State University say Fort Caroline—which one calls "the oldest fortified settlement in the present United States"—isn't near Jacksonville... More »

Why Haiti Is So Poor

Early break with France, ruinous Duvaliers among theories

(Newser) - With bad news still pouring in from earthquake-ravaged Haiti, Tyler Cowen pulls together some hypotheses on why the nation is so poor (noting that he doesn’t endorse all):
  • Haiti gained independence from France too soon, in the early 1800s. Caribbean neighbors Guadeloupe and Martinique waited, and get a good
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2 Stories