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10 Lessons From Tiger

Woods can teach us all a thing or two

(Newser) - Say what you will about Tiger Woods, but the cheating golfer has taught us quite a bit about sexting, rehab, and how to keep your affairs quiet. Mary Elizabeth Williams offers up the top 10 lessons from Tiger, at Salon :
  • Who not to hook up with: Skip women named “
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Elin Visits Tiger's Sex Rehab Halfway House

Nordegren, Woods under same roof again—briefly

(Newser) - Tiger Woods and wife Elin Nordegren may have actually spent a few hours under the same roof—albeit a roof belonging to a sex rehab halfway house. Woods is back in therapy after spending six weeks at Mississippi’s Pine Grove center, but he’s moved to a private home—... More »

Elin Picks Tiger Up at Sex Rehab

Woods completes treatment, leaves with Nordegren

(Newser) - Tiger Watch 2010 continues, with the sex-addled golfer graduating from rehab. Wife Elin flew to Mississippi to pick him up after he completed treatment for sex addiction at Gentle Path, Radar reports. Today the couple is flying home, where Tiger will see his kids for the first time in more... More »

Where in the World Is Tiger Woods?

His yacht is in Florida, but he's supposedly in sex rehab—so who's on it?

(Newser) - If Tiger Woods is in sex rehab in Mississippi then who’s using his yacht? The humorously-named Privacy docked at its North Palm Beach port yesterday, and a witness saw the boat being stocked up with food and supplies, reports TMZ —which, late last month, also reported that a... More »

Mistress Dishes on Tiger Woods' All-Night Romps

Call girl Loredana Jolie says sex rehab won't cure golfer's addiction

(Newser) - Loredana Jolie, the very same alleged mistress who claimed Tiger Woods engaged in some gay romps , doesn’t think the golfer’s stint in sex rehab will help his “abnormal” sexual appetite. “He would engage in sex from 9pm until the sun came up the next morning,”... More »

Elin Visits Tiger in Sex Rehab

Nordegren, Woods working on marriage as another mistress emerges

(Newser) - Tiger Woods’ wife joined him for five days to participate in his sex addiction treatment, and Radar wants you to know they have news exclusively. Except that People has it too, with residents of Hattiesburg, Miss., home of the Gentle Path sex addiction clinic reporting Tiger-and-Elin sightings. Elin Nordegren flew... More »

Inside Tiger Woods' Sex Rehab

Benoit Denizet-Lewis details Woods' treatment

(Newser) - Finally, just what you’ve been waiting for: An analysis of exactly what Tiger Woods is going through at sex rehab, courtesy of New York Times contributor and recovering sex addict Benoit Denizet-Lewis . A source confirms Woods is indeed in Mississippi’s Pine Grove/Gentle Path program, which Denizet-Lewis visited while... More »

Tiger Woods Planning Spring Comeback

Golfer will return to the green just as soon as sex rehab ends

(Newser) - Get ready for the Tiger Woods comeback, coming to a golf course near you this spring. A source tells Radar that’s when Woods plans to return to the PGA tour, when his sex rehab program is over—but it remains to be seen whether he’ll be ready for... More »

Tiger Woods Hits Sex Rehab in South Africa

Golfer said to be on 6-week stint at $8K a week

(Newser) - In our mission to let no Tiger Woods rumor go unreported, we take you tonight to South Africa, where locals say the notoriously unfaithful golfer has entered a facility noted for its sex rehab. Woods, 34, is said to have arrived in Cape Town between Christmas and New Year’s,... More »

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