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Apple Loses Appeal Vs. 'Not as Cool' Samsung

UK court rules Samsung did not copy iPad

(Newser) - The latest development in the ongoing battle between Samsung and Apple should put the matter to rest in Europe: A British court has denied Apple's appeal of the court decision ruling that Samsung did not copy the popular iPad when it designed its Galaxy tablet, reports Reuters . There were... More »

'iPad Mini' to Debut Oct. 23

For real this time?

(Newser) - Word has it a smaller iPad will debut at an Apple event on Oct. 23—though, to be fair, word has previously been wrong . This time, however, AllThingsD sounds pretty sure about it. The invite-only event, set for three days before Microsoft's Surface tablet hits stores, will take place... More »

Apple Demands Ban on US Sales of Galaxy

Tech giants continue to duke it out in court

(Newser) - As Samsung's stock plummeted crazily today, Apple was busy kicking its rival while it's down a billion dollars or so: The Cupertino tech giant today filed papers asking a court to extend a ban on US sales of Samsung's cell version of the Galaxy, reports Bloomberg , in... More »

Judge Hands Apple Really Embarrassing Punishment

Must run 'Samsung didn't copy us' ads in UK

(Newser) - It's the high-tech version of the old "carry an embarrassing sign around" punishment: A British judge yesterday ordered Apple to run notices on its UK website stating that Samsung didn't copy the iPad. The notices—which effectively act as ads for Samsung, points out a lawyer for... More »

Apple Preps 'iPad Mini': Reports

Cheaper tablet would have smaller screen

(Newser) - Looks like Applephiles will soon have one more gadget to add to their collection of must-have gear. Two insiders tell Bloomberg that a "mini" iPad is in the works, and should arrive by the end of this year. The planned tablet—intended to help battle competition from Google, Amazon,... More »

'iPad Mini' Coming for Less Than $300

And to think, Microsoft's new tablets are right around the corner

(Newser) - Cue the agonizing groans at Microsoft: Apple is planning a new entry-level iPad for later this year designed to fend off the coming barrage of Windows 8 tablets , reports Fox Business . According to a Chinese-language news site, some 6 million "iPad minis" will come out in the third quarter... More »

Apple Sells 3M iPad 3 Units in First Weekend

But buyers complain the tablet heats up in portrait mode

(Newser) - No wonder Apple can afford to spend $45 billion on a buyback and dividend program : The company sold a whopping 3 million iPads on the tablet's opening weekend, the New York Times reports. That beats estimated sales of the iPad 2's first weekend by three times, and easily... More »

iPad First Day Sales to Top 1M

Wait time now up to three weeks

(Newser) - More than a million eager pairs of hands will be gripping the third version of the iPad on its launch day this Thursday, analysts predict. Some 300,000 models of the first iPad were sold on its first day in 2010, and while Apple didn't release launch-day figures for... More »

Apple Unveils New iPad

Starting price is still $499

(Newser) - Apple launched its new iPad at a highly anticipated event today, the first major product announcement since Steve Jobs' death. As predicted, the new tablet features retina display and is available in a 4G LTE version on both Verizon and AT&T. With a resolution of 2048 x 1536, that'... More »

11 Things to Watch at Today's Big iPad 3 Reveal

But remember, with Apple, nothing is certain: Mashable

(Newser) - Apple is holding another one of its big events today, expected to be the unveiling of the iPad 3. Mashable runs down 11 things to watch for when it begins at 1pm ET:
  • Tim Cook will be "the main attraction." He may not be as theatrical as Steve
... More »

iPad 3 to Be Unveiled March 7

New tablet to come in 4G LTE version

(Newser) - Apple's first major product launch since the death of Steve Jobs is set for March 7, sources tell iMore . The iPad 3 will be unveiled at an event in San Francisco, and the latest version of the company's tablet computer will be offered in models that run on... More »

Apple to Launch High-Rez iPad 3 Early Next Year

Next installment expected to have twice the resolution

(Newser) - Still saving up for that iPad 2? You might wanna hold off a couple more months. Apple is already in development of the iPad 3 and hopes to release it early next year, reports the Wall Street Journal . The device is expected to have twice the resolution for its 9.... More »

Samsung Ripped Off iPhone, iPad: Apple Suit

Apple alleges competitor 'blatantly' copied iPhone, iPad

(Newser) - Samsung's Galaxy smartphone bears more than a passing resemblance to the iPhone, says Apple, and Steve Jobs and Co are slapping its rival with a lawsuit that claims "slavish" and "blatant copying" on Samsung's part. In addition, the Apple lawsuit alleges the Galaxy tablet is a... More »

iPad 2 Glitch: It 'Bleeds'

Light shines through dark background, new owners complain

(Newser) - The iPad 2 is still brand spankin' new to the market, but glitch reports are already coming in: Apple's latest darling may have a “bleeding” problem, Gizmodo reports. Check out the video in the gallery: Light shines oddly from the side of the machine, cutting through an image that’... More »

iPad 2 Review: It's 'The Only Tablet'

Apple stays on top with upgrade

(Newser) - We know what you're wondering: Now that Apple's upgraded to the iPad 2, is it time to take the plunge? If you've already got the original iPad, do you need to trade up? Well, here's what tech experts are saying:
  • The upgrade—it’s a third thinner, 15% lighter, and
... More »

What to Expect From iPad 2

Apple to unveil tablet this morning

(Newser) - Apple is set to unveil its iPad update today at 10am PT, so naturally the tech world is awash in speculation. What should you be expecting? "Not much," opines Farhad Manjoo of Slate . It's been less than a year since the iPad first hit stores, and it's still... More »

Apple's Fall Surprise: iPad 3?

Third version of tablet may have retina display

(Newser) - Rumor in the tech world has it that Steve Jobs will be bringing out as many tablets as Moses this year. Apple hasn't even admitted that the iPad 2 exists—although plenty of details have been leaked —but the iPad 3 could well be on its way already this... More »

RIM Unveils Answer to iPad

iPad rival supports Flash, will be a gaming platform

(Newser) - Research in Motion unveiled its new tablet today, making the Playbook the first official competitor to Apple's iPad. CEO Mike Lazaridis wasted no time in taking a jab at his rivals, noting that the Playbook was the first tablet to access the "full web"—meaning that it supports... More »

Apple Will Screw Publishers Like It Screwed Music

Assuming anyone buys the currently crappy iPad magazine apps

(Newser) - Magazine publishers seem convinced Apple's new “Jesus Tablet” is going to save them, but they are shockingly wrong, and you'll realize why after 10 minutes on the device, writes Jacob Weisberg for Slate . Whereas on the iPhone's cramped screen, an app is genuinely better than visiting a website, the... More »

Verizon, Google Building iPad Rival

Dell, Toshiba also working on tablet

(Newser) - Verizon and Google are joining forces to develop a new tablet to take on the iPad, Verizon said yesterday. The move steps up the growing rivalry between Google and Apple, and gives Verizon a shot at a share of the business rival AT&T has been getting through its exclusive... More »

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