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It's Never Hit 70 in Alaska in March— Until Now

71 degrees, actually, thanks to a high-pressure air mass coming through

(Newser) - Alaska has experienced some unusual natural phenomena lately—including a burping volcano and a desperate need for snow —and it just took another turn into some more weather-related weirdness. Per the Alaska Dispatch News , the mercury at an airport in Southeast Alaska registered at 71 degrees on Thursday, which... More »

Weather Outside Is Frightful—for Retail

Retailers have lost $185M in sales of cold-weather apparel, outerwear

(Newser) - Thanks to the "blowtorch" effect , the weather across much of the US has been unseasonably mild, meaning many consumers are sitting on their wallets when it comes to apparel for frigid temps, Ad Age reports. That put a solid dent in November retail sales to the tune of $185... More »

Rising Temperatures Also Bring ... Kidney Stones?

Researchers see a link, thanks to dehydration

(Newser) - Climate change has taken blame for everything from the demise of penguins to a predicted guacamole shortage . Now, you can add kidney stones to that list. An Environmental Health Perspectives study finds that rising temperatures increase the risk of kidney stones, reports Science World Report . Researchers looked at 60,000... More »

US on Track for Warmest Year Ever

It's a near certainty, barring a severely frigid final 3 months

(Newser) - With help from the hottest July on record and 16 straight months of above-average temperatures, the US is on track to post its hottest year in history, reports NBCNews.com . In fact, the only way we can miss the mark is if the final three months of the year get... More »

2012 Obliterating US Heat Records

March, in particular, was unseasonably warm

(Newser) - If you found yourself thinking last month, "Wow, it's awfully hot for March," you weren't wrong. Temperatures were 8.6 degrees higher than normal last month in the contiguous US, and 6 degrees above average for January, February, and March, the AP reports. According to the... More »

Midwest, South Roast in 100+ Degree Heat

Heat advisories in 22 states today

(Newser) - It's about as far away from Christmas as we can get, but much of the South and Midwest might feel like they're roasting on an open fire. Heat advisories and warnings were issued yesterday for 17 states, reports the AP; that number increased to 22 states in the... More »

Record Heat Claims 5 Lives

Top temperatures stagger Midwest, East Coast

(Newser) - America's baking heat wave claimed five lives this week before storms plunged temperatures as much as 40 degrees. The heat was so intense across the Midwest and East that it buckled pavement on a major Michigan interstate, killed power in Detroit, and shut schools across New Jersey, reports MSNBC... More »

East Coast Burning Up

Find yourself a meat locker and stay there

(Newser) - Another wave of oppressive heat clamped down on a broad swath of Eastern states yesterday and today, reports the AP, with temperatures in the high 90s and 100s and residents scrambling for shade or just staying indoors. In the Mid-Atlantic, already the locus for brutal temperatures several times in July,... More »

Keep Cool in the Heat Wave

Experts offer tips for saving money on air-conditioning

(Newser) - Almost one-fifth of Americans' spending on utilities goes toward keeping cool, but the total doesn't have to be that high, reports USA Today . With most of the US in the grip of a heat wave , some pointers for becoming less reliant on less air-conditioning and lowering your electric bill:
  • Get
... More »

Vancouver Hopes for White Olympics, Naturally or Not

Vancouver has already made 21 million gallons of snow, just in case

(Newser) - Continued warm weather in Vancouver, which will host the Winter Olympics in less than a month, has led to a massive snowmaking effort and a bit of anxiety. Cypress Mountain, one of four outdoor venues used in the Games, has been closed early to “protect the integrity of the... More »

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