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12 Totally Odd Liquor Laws

No drunk horseback riding in Colorado, and other weird rules

(Newser) - Growlers may be the new hipster trend , but good luck finding one in Alabama. Any beer bottle larger than 16 ounces is banned there, along with "sensuous" wine labels. That's just one of a dozen crazy liquor laws complied by Mother Jones :
  • No sunrise mimosas in Alaska: you can't
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Today's Hippest Beer Accessory: The Growler

64-ounce takeaway bottles offer cheaper alternative to bar-hopping

(Newser) - Looking to host your Super Bowl party with beer that’s a bit more interesting than Coors Light? Look no further than the current beer trend sweeping New York: Growlers. The 64-ounce glass containers allow for fresher, cheaper, more interesting beer in the comfort of your own living room—and... More »

2 Stories