water vapor

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Radiation Levels Soar at Japan Nuclear Plant

At least a small amount has seeped outside

(Newser) - The earthquake that rocked Japan today damaged a major nuclear power plant, and officials said radiation levels were around 1,000 times higher than normal in the control room of a reactor, reports MSNBC . At least a small amount has leaked outside, but it's not clear how much danger it... More »

Drier Atmosphere Slows Global Warming

10% less vapor in stratosphere kept temperature increase down in 2000s

(Newser) - A decrease in water vapor in the stratosphere may be the reason global warming hasn't increased as fast as expected over the last 10 years. The planet warmed .18 degree from 2000 to 2009, below the forecast .25 degree. A 10% drop in stratospheric water vapor “very likely made... More »

2 Stories