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Palestinians, Jews Clash at Holy Site

Civilians, police injured in Jerusalem confrontation

(Newser) - Palestinian civilians and Israeli police were injured when Jews and Arabs clashed at a Jerusalem holy site yesterday. Palestinians praying at the site—which includes the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa mosques—pelted a Jewish group with rocks, leading police to respond with stun grenades, reports CNN. The Palestinians'... More »

Bee Replaces Martyr Mouse on Hamas TV

Nahoul the Bee subs for Farfour, vows to continue Islamist extremism

(Newser) - Hamas TV's most Youtubed program has made a casting change that already has bloggers buzzing: A children's show introduced a giant bee named Nahoul to replace Mickey Mouse knockoff Farfour, a cuddly militant who was martyred last month by an Israeli spy. In a spooky falsetto, Nahoul announced himself as... More »

Hamas Warns of New Intifada

(Newser) - The political leader of Hamas is putting Israel on notice: Prepare for another Palestinian uprising if economic and military conditions do not improve. "I warn and under 'warn' I put many red lines," Khaled Meshaal told a Palestinian newspaper. Citing recent Israeli incursions and a year-old Western aid... More »

3 Stories