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Meet the Guys Google Pays to Write Poetry

The Haiku Guys get hundreds of dollars per hour to write personalized poems

(Newser) - Waxing lyrical might not seem like to best route to riches, but it turns out poetry is still pretty popular—and "the Haiku Guys" have been able to turn that appeal into cash, Fast Company reports. What they offer is, essentially, a custom poem-writing service. As the guys' site... More »

New York Times Turns Its Stories Into Haikus

Happy National Poetry Month!

(Newser) - The New York Times is celebrating National Poetry Month with a quirky new Tumblr: Times Haiku . It's exactly what it sounds like: haiku generated from stories posted to the NYT homepage. But, interestingly, it's all automated. So a computer algorithm came up with gems like these:
  • "His
... More »

Arizona Saving You From Dust Storms —With Haiku

Public safety campaign leans on poetry

(Newser) - Arizona transportation officials are getting the message out about dust storm safety—in precisely 17 syllables. The Arizona Department of Transportation is encouraging Twitter users to tweet haikus around the theme of safe driving in haboobs, the severe dust storms that hit Phoenix in the summer. An example, from Phoenix... More »

Haikuleaks Mines WikiLeaks Cables for Poetry

It's one way to get a handle on the cable dump

(Newser) - Can't seem to make sense of the reams of information released by WikiLeaks? Haikuleaks can help. One enterprising soul has run the entirety of the diplomatic cables through a HaikuFinder program, which searches for sentences that naturally fall within the 5-7-5 pattern intrinsic to haiku, Geekosystem reports. Examples: More »

Annoyed by Beck's Take on Social Justice? Write a Haiku

'Hurling expensive / coffee at the expensive / TV screen now, Ahhh'

(Newser) - Searching for a unusual way to respond to Glenn Beck’s comments on “social justice,” the Jewish Funds for Justice settled on…haiku. “We wanted to do something that showed some wit, some humor, is little bit cathartic, and is highly participatory,” Mik Moore tells the... More »

Sun CEO Schwartz Quits —Via Tweeted Haiku

Chief exec was expected to step down after signals from Oracle CEO

(Newser) - Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz is going out in geeky style with a tweeted haiku resignation. Schwartz has been in the crosshairs publicly since the CEO of Oracle, which just acquired Sun, said last week that he expected Schwartz to step down, Mashable reports. “Today’s my last day... More »

6 Stories