John Mayer N-word

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John Mayer's Next Gig: Porn Writer?

Vivid Entertainment extends offer after 'Playboy' interview

(Newser) - John Mayer’s public image may be in the toilet, but his controversial Playboy interview did score him one positive: The chance to live out his “dream” of writing pornography. Vivid Entertainment, the company that has made overtures to such class acts as Tiger Woods, Carrie Prejean, and Octomom,... More »

John Mayer Apologizes for N-Word

But not for calling Jessica Simpson 'Sexual Napalm' in Playboy

(Newser) - John Mayer's tendency to speak before he thinks has gotten him into trouble yet again. A Playboy interview published yesterday discusses the finer points of vaginas, porn, and masturbation, and refers to Jessica Simpson as "sexual napalm"—but all that was overshadowed by Mayer's use of the N-word,... More »

2 Stories