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Norway's Curling Team Is Wearing This to Olympics

The crazy pants are back, and crazier

(Newser) - This may be the best ( or at least second-best ) Olympic photo so far: Norway's men's curling team, decked out in their fantastic new outfits. The team was a sensation at the Vancouver Olympics when members competed wearing boldly-colored, crazily-patterned golf pants instead of the standard black... More »

5 Reasons to Watch Curling

Start watching as a goof, and you might get hooked

(Newser) - It's curling time at the Olympics, and Steven Ovadia of the Bleacher Report has 5 reasons you must watch:
  • It's crazy: "I guarantee the first time you sit down to watch will blow your mind." Once the novelty fades, however, you'll realize it's a "beautiful sport."
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2 Stories