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Dick Ebersol Out at NBC Sports

Longtime network executive resigns over contract dispute

(Newser) - NBC sports chief Dick Ebersol has resigned, the AP reports. A source said it's because of a contract dispute and has nothing to do with the network's current negotiations to broadcast the Olympics or its merger with Comcast. Ebersol, 63, has been running NBC's sports division since... More »

NBC's Olympics Better on Mute

Commentators are ruining the games

(Newser) - The Olympics are supposed to be about the grand human drama of sports, entire lives culminating in this one shot at glory. So “why do we insist, like a bunch of preschoolers, on talking all the way through them?” demands LA Times TV critic Mary McNamara. NBC’s commentary... More »

NBC's Rah-Rah Coverage of Team USA Nauseates

As anchors fawn, foreign athletes described with 'hoary cliches'

(Newser) - Shaun White may be introducing new tricks during these Games, but NBC’s coverage of him, and Team USA in general, remains an unchanged lesson in "network heavy breathing," writes Alessandra Stanley. “Hyped-up commentators” explain the action “often incomprehensibly,” but once the race is over... More »

3 Stories