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'Fat'? 'Jumbo'? Clothing Label Unveils New Sizes

Japanese company may be warning citizens to keep trim

(Newser) - A Japanese clothing company has replaced the usual sizes (think S, M, and L) with ones sure to boost shoppers' self-esteem—like Titch, Skinny, Fat, and Jumbo, the Daily Mail reports. The company, Fatyo, says on its website that it's just trying to make the word fat "cool.... More »

Amazon's Challenge: Selling Clothes That Actually Fit

Farhad Manjoo has some ideas

(Newser) - Amazon is looking to become a force in the apparel industry, but there's one rather big problem, as Farhad Manjoo discovered: Despite the site's vast selection, it's still difficult to find pants that actually fit. This is a big problem with online retailers in general, which could... More »

Guys, Your Pants Are Lying to You

Think your waist is 36 inches? Think again.

(Newser) - Bad news, boys: Your pants aren't being entirely honest with you. Abram Sauer came to this "devastating realization" while trying on size 36 pants in H&M, only to wonder why they were so tight. The answer? Vanity sizing, as it's called by pants manufacturers. H&M's size 36... More »

Half of 6-Year-Old Brit Girls Wish They Were Skinnier

In study, 50% would like to be 3 sizes skinnier for popularity

(Newser) - Half of the 6-year-old girls in Britain would like to be a lot skinnier than they are. That’s the conclusion of a Cambridge study that asked the pint-size participants to choose an ideal body from digitally altered photographs of themselves. Fifty percent went with the skinniest image, which was... More »

4 Stories