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How a Tiny, Ghost-Town Post Office Stays Alive

The town's name may play a small role in its popularity

(Newser) - Drive up to northern Oregon and you might see a small, nondescript shed in a ghost town called Bridal Veil. It measures about 110 square feet and lacks running water: "It's ... cozy," says Tara Stiller, who works there. "That's a nice way to describe it.... More »

Married Women, Fight for Your First Name

Don't give in to antiquated formalities: Catherine Rampell

(Newser) - As she prepared for her upcoming wedding, Catherine Rampell allowed herself one "unyielding, Bridezillian demand"—she insisted that her invitations use women's first names. That is, she didn't want them going out to "Mr. and Mrs. John Doe" as tradition for some reason still dictates,... More »

Geeks Channel Mario With Wedding Invite

Beat the villain, get the details

(Newser) - A pair of self-proclaimed “geeks” have channeled the old-school, 8-bit likes of Super Mario and Donkey Kong to create an unusual wedding invitation—and invitees only get the details if they beat the gorilla-ish villain. “We knew that we didn’t want standard paper invites,” the bride-to-be/game... More »

3 Stories