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Sex Study Reveals Just How Normal Our Fetishes Are

Some behaviors defined as abnormal are relatively common

(Newser) - A new study published in the Journal of Sex Research shows that our unusual turn-ons, fetishes, and sexual proclivities might not be so unusual after all. Researchers set out to see how abnormal the eight abnormal sexual interests—fetishism, exhibitionism, voyeurism, frotteurism, masochism, sadism, transvestism, and pedophilia—laid out by... More »

18 Weird Celeb Turn-Ons

Kristen Stewart's involves ... armpits

(Newser) - Just three weeks before news of her affair with director Rupert Sanders broke, Kristen Stewart dished on a kinda weird kink to Vogue: Speaking of her unnamed boyfriend (Robert Pattinson?), Stewart revealed, "He loves to lick under my armpits." The Frisky notes that this fetish is called maschalagnia—... More »

Hair Fetishist Guilty of Murder

Danilo Restivo a suspect in several similar killings

(Newser) - An Italian who committed a bizarre hair ritual murder has been convicted by a British court of killing a young mother of two, and may be responsible for several similar deaths. Danilo Restivo will be sent today to prison for life for killing neighbor Heather Barnett nine years ago in... More »

Thong-Addled College Kid in Hot Water

Cops find 79 pairs of undies in Michigan State dorm room

(Newser) - A Michigan State University student got quite the dressing-down last week when police arrested him for stealing thong underwear out of the laundry room—and then found 79 more pairs of presumably pilfered undies in his possession. The suspect, 19, says he did it as a prank, not because of... More »

RNC Staffer Fired in Bondage Flap Was Female Recruiter

Allison Meyers ran 'Young Eagles' program

(Newser) - The RNC staffer fired for reimbursing a consultant for a $1,946 night at a bondage club has been revealed: It was Allison Meyers, director of the “Young Eagles” program, sources tell Politico . It was her job to recruit donors under 50 years old. The now-infamous trip to Voyeur... More »

Bondage Club Patron ID'd as RNC Member, Not Steele

Erik Brown will return $2K reimbursement

(Newser) - The Republican Party official reimbursed for nearly $2,000 spent at an LA fetish club was a member of the RNC, not committee chair Michael Steele. The mystery patron who hit up the RNC for the $1,946 he spent at Voyeur West Hollywood is marketing exec Erik Brown, reports... More »

Want to Hide in Plain View? Don Zentai's Lycra

Japanese import's converts wear suits 24/7

(Newser) - Imagine finding something that’s “like a portable safety blanket” or “an all-over hug.” You’d totally wear it, right? Yes? Well then, Zentai, a Japanese import that involves wearing a total-body Lycra suit, is for you. Its converts are passionate, Will Doig writes for the Daily... More »

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