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GOP's ObamaCare Brawl May Win Over Young People

Health care law supporters can't ignore Millennial grumbles, warn Robert Hahn, Peter Passell

(Newser) - The commentariat has widely written off the GOP's crusade against the Affordable Care Act as a short-sighted tactic, either cynical or foolhardy. But Robert Hahn and Peter Passell think it might actually "prove a plausible strategy" for winning over voters Republicans have been losing badly: People in their... More »

Hey, GOP, It's Time to Lower the Drinking Age

If 18-year-olds can fight, they should be able to drink

(Newser) - Alaska lawmaker Bob Lynn wants to lower the drinking age to 18 for active duty soldiers. “If you get shot at, you can have a shot,” he reasons. It's time to bring down our absurd drinking age as mandated in the 1984 Federal Uniform Drinking Act, argues Glenn... More »

America's Young Should Be Mad, Too

Our leaders aren't focused on investing in the future

(Newser) - Fareed Zakaria sees a lesson for America in the youth-driven revolts sweeping the Middle East. No, America’s democracy is nothing like a Middle Eastern dictatorship. “But if the troubles of Arab youth make us shine a light on the state of America’s youth, the picture that emerges... More »

Young Voters Ditching Democratic Party

Fewer identify with Democrats, despite socially liberal leanings

(Newser) - Democrats might be losing their grip on young voters. Polls shows a drastic drop in 18-to-29-year-olds who identify themselves as Democrats, the New York Times reports. The figure peaked at 62% in July 2008, but slid down to 54% by late last year, before ticking up to 57% this year.... More »

Why Obama's Still the Fave for 2012

Incumbency carries plenty of advantages

(Newser) - Sure, things look glum for President Obama, but he’s still the odds-on favorite to win the 2012 presidential election. Carl Cannon tells us why:
  • A “generic Republican” doesn’t exist. Obama trails that very thing by double digits in a recent poll, but the GOP nominee will bring
... More »

5 Stories