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Wisconsin Dems Vow Recall Vote for Walker

Unions rage against governor who took collective bargaining rights

(Newser) - Wisconsin Democrats and union leaders have dug in for a protracted battle against governor Scott Walker, vowing ballot box revenge for his anti-union law, the Chicago Tribune reports. The new law is protected by GOP majorities in the state's Senate and Assembly, but Democrats think they can use the anger... More »

NFL Talks Collapse; Brady, Others Sue League

Developments put next year's season in doubt

(Newser) - NFL labor talks broke down just hours before the latest contract extension expired today, putting America's most popular sport on a path to its first work stoppage since 1987. Despite 16 days of negotiations with a federal mediator, the sides could not agree on a new deal. The league said... More »

In Emails, Scott Walker Offers Deal on Union Rights

Wisconsin governor softens stance in emails to Dems

(Newser) - Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has told his state's missing Democrats that he's willing to make some changes to his plan to sharply restrict collective bargaining rights for public workers, according to emails released by his office. Walker has suggested a compromise that would allow bargaining over wages with no limit... More »

AWOL Dems: We're Not Coming Home

Fleeing Wisconsin senators deny recent reports that they will return

(Newser) - Some Wisconsin Democrats recently seemed to imply they will return to the state even though talks with Gov. Scott Walker have broken down—but now they're now backtracking on those reports. Minority Leader Mark Miller told the Wall Street Journal the senators were considering a return as soon as certain... More »

Moore: Wis. Protesters 'Aroused Sleeping Giant'

Says only thing broke is the 'moral compass' of the super-rich

(Newser) - "America is not broke ... Wisconsin is not broke," said liberal filmmaker Michael Moore to more than 30,000 cheering protesters in Wisconsin yesterday, adding, "The only thing that's broke is the moral compass of the rulers." Moore said that the wealthy elite had overreached with Gov.... More »

No NFL Lockout— for Tonight Anyway

Both sides agree to 24-hour extension in talks

(Newser) - The NFL and the players' union agreed to a 24-hour extension of the current collective bargaining agreement today so negotiations can continue. The CBA was set to expire at midnight, which would likely have prompted the first work stoppage since 1987 for a league that rakes in $9 billion a... More »

Wisconsin Senate Orders Arrest of AWOL Democrats

Republicans hold their counterparts in official contempt

(Newser) - This is way more serious than yanking their photocopying privileges . Republicans in the Wisconsin Senate today declared the missing Democrats in contempt and ordered their arrest, reports the Wisconsin State Journal . And if force is needed, so be it. It's not clear whether the state constitution actually allows this, however,... More »

GOP Takes Away AWOL Dems' Photocopy Privileges

Wisconsin Democrats will also have to pay $100 per day fine

(Newser) - Republicans in Wisconsin's state Senate have voted to fine the chamber runaway Democrats $100 for every day they stay away, beginning tomorrow. The Republicans have also taken away the Democrats' staffers' parking spaces and photocopying privileges. The 14 Dems fled the state last month to block Gov. Scott Walker's plan... More »

Bill Curbing Union Rights Clears Ohio Senate

Measure to curb collective bargaining now goes to House

(Newser) - The movement to restrict the power of public sector unions chalked up a legislative win today in Ohio. A measure that would ban strikes and greatly restrict collective bargaining rights cleared the state Senate by a 17-16 vote, reports the Columbus Dispatch . It now goes to the House, where Republicans... More »

Bloomberg: Cut Labor Costs, Not Union Rights

Governments can benefit from collective bargaining, he writes

(Newser) - As states like Wisconsin face crippling budget deficits, it’s fair for them to scale back on labor costs—but not labor rights, Michael Bloomberg writes today in the New York Times . What needs updating is “government’s relationship with unions,” not the unions themselves. “Organizing around... More »

After 1am Vote, Things Get Crazier in Wisconsin

Walker abandons deadline for passing bill restricting union rights

(Newser) - Wisconsin's assembly approved a controversial bill stripping public sector workers of collective bargaining rights early Friday morning after a grueling 61-hour debate. Just after 1am, Republicans abruptly cut off debate and announced a voice vote. Chaos erupted—Republicans shouted their ayes, Democrats booed, and within seconds the electronic vote system... More »

Wisconsin Teachers Get Layoff Warnings

... including the wife of the GOP's Senate majority leader

(Newser) - The Republican majority leader of Wisconsin's Senate is learning firsthand what the fight over collective bargaining means for his state: his wife just got a layoff warning because it might go away. Lisa Fitzgerald, wife of Scott, is a guidance counselor in a public school district, and she and scores... More »

We'd 'Absolutely' Use Force on Protesters: Wis. Police

But 'it would not look like the US if we did that'

(Newser) - Wisconsin troopers would "absolutely" use force on protesters if ordered, says the head of a Wisconsin police union. Thousands of protesters have gathered at the Wisconsin statehouse for the past week, protesting the governor's proposals to cut public employee wages and collective bargaining rights. "I'm not able to... More »

Can Moderate Republicans End Wisconsin Stalemate?

Proposal calls for collective bargaining to be cut, but only for two years

(Newser) - Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is determined not to budge on his controversial budget bill and Democratic senators are determined not to return to the state until he does, but a group of moderate Republican senators has proposed a compromise that could end the stalemate. Written by Dale Schultz, who is... More »

Doctor's Notes Handed Out in Wisconsin

Plus: The other side shows up—and guv refuses to negotiate

(Newser) - As the Wisconsin protests saw their biggest day yet yesterday, doctors handed out sick notes to workers who needed them to explain absences. Men and women wearing lab coats and claiming to be doctors “were handing out excuses to people who were feeling sick due to emotional, mental, or... More »

Here's What Wisconsin's Plan Would Actually Do

Ezra Klein: It's a 'multi-part attack on unions,' and the changes are big

(Newser) - Today's protests in Wisconsin are expected to be the biggest yet, notes the Wisconsin State Journal , with counter-protesters joining the fray for the first time. Which makes it a good time to assess exactly what Gov. Scott Walker's plan (read it here ) would actually do, writes Ezra Klein in... More »

Liberals Have a Tea Party, Too: See Wisconsin

WSJ columnist: Democrats' reaction is 'over the top'

(Newser) - Democrats love to poke fun at the Tea Party, but they've actually organized "a more aggressive version" of their own in Wisconsin, writes John Fund in the Wall Street Journal . Aided by President Obama's Organizing for America group, Democrats have gone "over the top" in their rhetoric and... More »

Wisconsin Cops Look for Lawmakers Boycotting Vote

Democrats hold out in face of union-destroying vote

(Newser) - Police have been dispatched to track down 14 Wisconsin state senators who are boycotting a vote to strip government workers of their collective bargaining rights. Republicans have a 19-14 majority in the chamber, but can’t pass the controversial bill without at least one Democrat present, and all of them... More »

NFL Union Tells Players to Brace for Lockout

It advises them to save paychecks this season

(Newser) - The NFL players' union is ramping up the rhetoric regarding a potential lockout next season. It sent a letter to players this week advising them to save their last three paychecks from this season to prepare for a year without a salary, reports AP . The letter said the lockout would... More »

MLS Players OK Strike

New labor deal before March 25 or else

(Newser) - By a vote of 350-2, Major League Soccer players have decided to strike if they can’t reach a new labor deal with the league by its opening day, March 25. “To be quite blunt, it doesn’t look good at all,” one player tells the Washington Post... More »

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