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Here's How an Ancient Iceman Kept Warm

Clothing made from bear, sheep, goat, deer, cattle—you name it, Oetzi wore it

(Newser) - Scientists say Oetzi the Iceman , whose mummified body has been studied extensively since it was discovered on a glacier near the Italian-Austrian border in 1991, wore clothes made of brown bear pelt and roe deer when he died in the Alps 5,300 years ago. Researchers in Italy used genetic... More »

Starbucks Baristas Can Now Wear Fedoras

As a symbol of their 'personal expression'

(Newser) - Just like a Starbucks customer can match her perc to her personality via a customized coffee, company baristas can now also "shine as individuals" thanks to the java giant's updated dress code. Per a company release posted Monday, baristas are now allowed to diverge somewhat from the black,... More »

Home Depot Worker's Anti-Trump Hat Spurs Racist Tirade

Krystal Lake's 'America Was Never Great' cap didn't go over well in Staten Island

(Newser) - A Staten Island college student says she's had racist statements and even death threats hurled at her online since she wore an anti-Trump hat to her job at Home Depot over the weekend, the Staten Island Advance reports. Krystal Lake, 22, donned the cap, which read "America Was... More »

Man Jumps in River to Save Hat, Must Be Saved Himself

He and his Blackhawks hat are fine

(Newser) - OK, Chicago, we get that you're excited about your Stanley Cup win . But emergency crews don't want to have to dive into the Chicago River to pull out any more fans who decide to go for a swim. That's what local officials say happened last night when... More »

Floppy Fashion: 20 Fabulous Derby Hats

High fashion and fast horses at the 2013 Kentucky Derby

(Newser) - The Kentucky Derby is known as much for hats and high fashion as it is for fast horses. This year, rains are swamping Churchill Downs, but fans on the infield are still holding their heads—and their hats—high. Bigger and bolder is the rule for hats that often dwarf... More »

Beatrice to Auction Awesome Hat on eBay

Proceeds will go to charity

(Newser) - If the Dude's cardigan from Big Lebowski doesn't do it for you, maybe Princess Beatrice's royal hat is more your style. She plans to auction it on eBay for charity, Sarah Ferguson told Oprah yesterday, notes People . No word yet on when it will be appear, but... More »

What’s With the Hats?

Maker: They're 'individual pieces of art'

(Newser) - If the press hasn’t been loud enough about the royal wedding, the hats on display are certainly making up for it. So what’s the story behind them? An eight-member team of milliners in southwest England made at least 50 of the hats, including some for the royal family... More »

Everyone Wants Aretha's Hat

(Newser) - Aretha Franklin’s inauguration hat has been mercilessly mocked by some, but lots of people want one of their very own. The Detroit millinery where Franklin has been a customer for 20 years has been flooded with calls for orders, the AP reports. But Aretha wannabes soon learn that the... More »

Carpe Diem, Yes, But Avoid Stitches, Eh?

British university aims to curb dangerous mortarboard toss

(Newser) - It’s fun, it’s tradition—and it’s off-limits at one British institution. Cambridge's Anglia Ruskin University has asked graduates to refrain from the customary mortarboard-toss, arguing that it damages the hats and is dangerous beside, the Guardian reports, after a student needed stitches recently. Grads-to-be, perhaps predictably, derided... More »

Derby Bettors Use Their Heads

Never mind the horses—what will Queen Elizabeth wear?

(Newser) - Curlin is the early favorite for tomorrow's Kentucky Derby, but another thoroughbred—a human—is also the focus of some hot wagering. She's a well-known horse breeder and owner, with an inherited affinity for the sport of kings. Place your bets: What color hat will Queen Elizabeth II wear? And... More »

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