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Discovery Channel, Vatican Team Up for Exorcist Series

Church will allow its investigations to be recreated on TV

(Newser) - Discovery Channel will deepen its involvement with the supernatural in a new series called the Exorcist Files—with the unusual twist that the Vatican is helping out, Entertainment Weekly reports. The network will recreate investigations of demonic possessions and hauntings conducted by the Catholic Church, which is opening its files... More »

DC Woman: 4 Daughters 'Had Demons'

Mother, charged with murder; lived for months with bodies

(Newser) - A Washington, DC, woman accused of killing her four daughters admitted to police she had lived for months with their decomposing bodies. Banita Jacks told police that the girls died in their sleep, but told jail blockmates that she killed them because they were possessed by demons, the Washington Post... More »

Pastor: Killer Possessed by 'Demonic Power'

Cho's mother sought spiritual healing as son deteriorated

(Newser) - The mother of Seung Hui Cho sought spiritual healing for her angry, troubled son, the Washington Post reports in an examination of the Virginia Tech shooter's mental state. The head pastor of the One Mind Church in Woodbridge, Virginia, said his church was approached last summer to help deliver the... More »

3 Stories