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Lager Is About to Get a Lot More Interesting

Scientists report success with new hybrid strains

(Newser) - Unlike its trendy cousins favored by craft brewers, lager hasn't changed much over the centuries, notes a post at Scientific American . In fact, "lagers are boring," it declares. That looks set to change, however, thanks to researchers in Finland. They report in the Journal of Industrial Microbiology ... More »

Brewer Names Beer for Austrian Town

'Fucking Hell' is, in German, a lager from Fucking

(Newser) - After proving to European trademark authorities that it exists, a German brewer has won approval to make a beer named for the Austrian town of Fucking. And not just any beer: Fucking Hell, available as soon as the fall and sure to provoke tittering in frat-boy types everywhere, has a... More »

2 Stories