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Apple's 'Embarrassing' New Show Features Celebs Judging Apps

Gwyneth, will.i.am, Jessica Alba are involved

(Newser) - Apple is coming out with an original reality show ... about apps. The world got its first look at Planet of the Apps this week at Recode's Code media conference, Quartz reports. It's basically a combination of Shark Tank, the reality show in which would-be entrepreneurs pitch their business... More »

Donald Rumsfeld Develops 'Diabolical' Solitaire App

He's behind a new iPhone, iPad app inspired by Winston Churchill

(Newser) - Meet Donald Rumsfeld, app developer. Yes, the 83-year-old former defense secretary is behind Churchill Solitaire , available on iPhones and iPads as of last week, the Wall Street Journal reports. Rumsfeld says that while he was US ambassador to NATO in Brussels in 1973, he learned the version of solitaire Winston... More »

Tom Hanks Made the App Store's No. 1 iPad App

Hanx Writer mimics an old typewriter

(Newser) - Tom Hanks: beloved actor, slam poet , space enthusiast , and ... iPad app developer. And not just any developer, but developer of the most popular iPad app of the moment, Time reports. As of this writing, the Hanx Writer app, launched Thursday, sits in the No. 1 spot among free apps on... More »

Google's Now Steps on Siri's Toes

Google Now comes to iPad, iPhone today

(Newser) - "Siri, are you worried about the debut of Google Now for iOS?" Reply: "We were talking about you, not me." And we won't be talking about her for the remainder of this story, at least. Google today ventures further into Apple territory with the release of... More »

NRA Shooting App No Longer 'Suitable' for 4-Year-Olds

'Practice Range' now for ages 12 and up

(Newser) - The NRA's new shooting app for mobile devices is no longer being described as "suitable for ages 4 and up." The age recommendation for "NRA: Practice Range" was changed to at least 12 years and a warning that the game depicts "intense" and "realistic"... More »

NRA's New Shooting App Perfect for Ages 4 and Up

Lets users practice with M16s, AK47s

(Newser) - The NRA is catching more than a little flak over the marketing of its new free app, "NRA: Practice Range." The virtual shooting-range experience isn't appropriate for 3-year-olds—but those ages four and up can fire away, per its 4+ age-rating in Apple's App Store. The... More »

RIP The Daily: Murdoch's iPad Paper Folds

It was too slow to gain an audience: Murdoch

(Newser) - Less than two years ago, News Corp launched The Daily , a newspaper for iPad users; as of Dec. 15, iPad readers will have to turn somewhere else for news. "Technology and other assets" from the electronic rag, as well as some of its employees, will be transferred to the... More »

'Bad Piggies' Soars to Top of App Charts

Rovio releases sequel to Angry Birds

(Newser) - Just a few hours after being released, Bad Piggies, the long-awaited follow-up to Angry Birds, is topping the app charts for both iOS and Android, reports CNET . In Bad Piggies, you change teams, manipulating the pigs instead of birds—players use umbrellas, wings, propellers, and other tools to find pieces... More »

iPad App Gives You Access to... Einstein's Brain

Scanned images available for researchers and regular people alike

(Newser) - Want a look at Einstein's brain? For $9.99 it's yours, as long as you have an iPad. A new application launched today includes detailed scans of the genius' brain: After he died, his brain was removed, sliced up, and turned into almost 350 slides, and a medical... More »

Twitter Redesigns Profile Pages, Mobile Apps

iPad app 'rebuilt from the ground up'

(Newser) - Twitter has undergone an overhaul, Mashable reports: Get ready for an updated profile page and reworked apps for your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. The profile page is now more graphics-heavy, with an image reminiscent of the Facebook profile banner at the top, notes Today . User avatars are now smack... More »

YouTube Launches Own iPhone App in Apple Spat

New iOS won't have built-in YouTube program

(Newser) - The next version of iOS is on its way, and this time, it won't include a built-in YouTube app. So YouTube is releasing a new app of its own for iPhone and iPad—one that it says will be an improvement. The move comes after Apple and Google failed... More »

Obama, Romney Battle in New iPhone App

'VOTE!!!' is available today

(Newser) - Sure, you can support the presidential candidate of your choice—but wouldn't it be more fun if you could make President Obama and Mitt Romney smack each other around a bit? Download "VOTE!!!" on your Apple device this week and you can do just that. The mobile... More »

Apple's Big Plan: Reinvent the Textbook

A move designed to lower prices ... and fuel interest in the iPad

(Newser) - The next industry Apple is looking to revolutionize: the textbook industry. The company introduced new tools today for both students and textbook publishers: iBooks 2, which will allow students to purchase and access books on their iPad, and iBooks Author, which will help to create textbooks. Both apps are free,... More »

Apple Boots Developer Who Exposed Security Hole

Finding App Store bug costs Charlie Miller his license

(Newser) - Security guru Charlie Miller found himself kicked out of Apple's developer program just hours after he announced that he had found a major security flaw. Miller discovered a hole that allows iPhone and iPad applications to grab potentially malicious code from third-party servers even after they have been approved... More »

Apple Sued for Letting Our Apps Track Us

iPhone, iPad contain identifiers that can't be blocked: suit

(Newser) - Apple allows iPhone and iPad apps to send users' personal info to advertising networks without consent, according to a lawsuit filed last week. The suit says the gadgets contain identifying devices that let these networks track users' app downloads and usage, Bloomberg reports. Some apps also sell information like users'... More »

The Web Is Dead. The Internet Rules

Forget the open WWW—it's all about apps now

(Newser) - As the World Wide Web turns 18, Wired declares it dead—even as the Internet continues to rule. Chris Anderson takes us through a typical user's day: email checked and Facebook browsed on an iPad; podcasts and Pandora listened to; Skype and IM conversations held. "You’ve spent the... More »

Murdoch to Start 'Newspaper'—for iPad, Cells

He dreams: 'We'll have young people reading newspapers'

(Newser) - News Corp is planning to launch a new “newspaper” exclusively for tablet computers and cellphones. The new property will operate out of the New York Post newsroom, and be helmed by the Post’s managing editor, but will have several dozen reporters of its own, a source tells the... More »

White House's New Must-Have: iPad

Apple's 'magical' device a hit at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

(Newser) - Known as technophiles during the 2008 campaign, Barack Obama's top advisers have a "magical" new gadget to geek out on: The iPad, which has become a staple in the White House. The Washington Post undertook the important journalistic endeavor of exposing early adopters like Rahm Emanuel (who has "... More »

AT&T Data Caps: Innovation Killer?

Caps will put limits on innovation, developers warn

(Newser) - AT&T's decision to drop its unlimited data plan today may put the brakes on innovation, makers of smartphone apps warn. AT&T—whose example other firms are expected to follow—says that the limits have been set high enough that they'll only be an issue for a small minority... More »

Toddlers: The New iPad Whizzes, Addicts

New generation's love of touchscreens could reshape media

(Newser) - The iPad is becoming a major hit with toddlers—or at least with toddlers who have parents happy to plunk a $500 gadget in their hands. Parents say kids as young as 18 months are learning their way around the iPad's touchscreen with uncanny speed. And after putting the device... More »

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